The Best of Bergen: A fusion of local scenes and panoramic views

The Best of Bergen A fusion of local scenes and panoramic views


Bergen, no doubt, will always capture the heart of its visitors. Surrounded by fjords and hills, nothing is lacking when it comes to panoramic sight in Bergen.

However, these beautiful gifts of nature are not the only things that should be celebrated in the city. A dynamic local scene, even a day around the streets and markets will keep you entertained.


Bergen is a thriving and second largest city of Norway situated at the far west where the city has easy access to the sea. Therefore, it is not unusual to see busy and packed harbor.


But it’s not only that. Bergen with its wooden colored houses are surrounded with hills and fjords, among those is Sognefjord – a Norwegian fjord famed for its depth and length.


Bergen can be visited any time of the year yet the best time could be during the summer season when the scale starts to climb upward.

This time happens in July and August where the months are considered to be the warmest; however, the average temperature during those times is still as low as 14 degrees Celsius.


Being surrounded by mountains and sitting near the northern sea, the climate of Bergen with some exceptions, is to be expected.

On the other hand, you can still visit Bergen in other seasons, especially winter where you can engage in winter sports and on top of that, a more dramatic scenery.


Bergen is accessible through different modes of transportation. You can opt for the common, which is traveling by air. Flesland, Bergen’s international airport is located only at 19 kilometers away from the city.

From the airport to the city center, you can ride a bus or a taxi. Most chooses to ride the bus due to expensive taxi fare.


Another mode of transportation is through chains of railways connecting Bergen to the different parts of Norway. The most recommended mode of transportation is by boarding the ferry.

Bergen being a chief harbor of the region, numerous vessels dock at the port at regular intervals. However, ferry services decrease when it is not summer, the peak season.

Getting around Bergen, you can rent a car or use the public transport system, yet exploring on foot could be possibly your best choice. The idyllic wooden, different colored houses are better seen up close.


A stroll around the city

Every day in Bergen, it is easy to get lost in the hub of activities. Listening to the clattering of utensils and clamoring voices, the city center is a widespread mass of energy from the morning until the night.


There are restaurants and cafes around the city, so you can sample their food, or you can go directly to the fish market where every day is a haul of fresh seafood.

Having picked your way through the crowd and sated yourself with their gastronomic food, it would be a seen to go back into your hotels. Wait for a few minutes after eating and you can stroll and admire the cityscape.


Despite of being a continuously developing and progressing city of Norway, the city is yet to lose its medieval charm. From wharf to castle, Bergen has a lot of story to tell about its culture and history.

Bergen is not Bergen without its museum. Det Hanseatiske Museum and Bergen museum are among the famous ones in the city in which both depict the life of Bergen in the yesteryears.

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Visitors will benefit most in a guided tour through a more detailed explaining of Bergen through the years.

Apart from the museums are the remains of fortresses, castles, and churches dating as far back as the middle ages.

The best part of going through these historical sites is their well-preserved nature in which it makes the exploration feel real.

Bergen Aquarium

A trip to Bergen without visiting its famed aquarium would not be a complete experience. Composed of seals, penguins, and other marine life, Bergen Aquarium is said to be the finest in Europe.


The aquarium is composed of three pools and 51 tanks (9 large and 42 small). Apart from the vast marine life, there are also multimedia exhibition and restaurants that would fit any family outing especially to those with kids.

Bergen Panorama

Going few kilometers out of town, there is always a relief in seeing a natural wonder. Bergen, bordered by water and surrounded by hills and mountain, has lots of those.


Among the famous ones are the mountains of Ulriken and Floien where you can stretch your muscles and burn the calories from the city through walking and hiking tours.

Going on a guided tour, you are directed into different trails and once reaching the summit, there are cable cars available in which you can have the perfect view of the Bergen landscape.

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