Cricket: The Game of Glorious Uncertainty

Cricket The Game of Glorious UncertaintyCricket, sometimes known as the ‘gentlemen game’ is one of the oldest games in planet earth that continues to thrive till today. The game is said to have originated in the 16th century although there is not much evidential documents on that. However, the first international matches being played since 1844.

With the passage of time cricket is still a major phenomenon that attracts media, spectators and players. The ICC or the ‘International Cricket Council’ is the regulatory body for the game of cricket all across the world. In a quest of continuous development of the game Twenty20 format cricket match is the newest edition. This format was introduced by the England and Wales Cricket Board and is truly exciting.

Cricket is not a difficult game to understand even for a person who has never seen a cricket match. Like all other games cricket has some rules and regulations and more surprisingly you will find some similarity among cricket and baseball.
The game consists of 2 teams with 11 players on each side.

The team bat first try to score as many runs as possible in their stipulated overs while the opposing team tries to prevent that. All 11 players of fielding team are out there in the field and a couple of players of the batting team go out to bat. The bowler, who is from the opposite team, pitches the ball towards the batsman. The ball bounced once before it reaches to the batsman and he attempts to hit the ball to score runs. After both teams have batted an equal number of innings or over, the team that has the most runs wins.


There are many countries across the world today that are taking part in cricket championship. Each year the number and name of countries change but it is always growing for sure. Cricket is basically a major sport around the European and Asian part of the world while the North or South Americans are not too much excited about cricket. One of the most exciting and sought after cricket championship is ICC World Cup Cricket.

At present there are ten countries who are full members of ICC namely Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, England, Wes Indies, New Zealand, Zimbabwe and India. There are some associate members of ICC as well like Ireland, Netherlands, Kenya, France and Germany.

Cricket is a sport of great athleticism and skill that calls for deft hands along with light feet. There is stroke, poise and grace when a batsman hits a boundary; speed, accuracy and ferocity when a fast bowler is in full charge. For the fielders it calls for lightning reflexes as well as saintly patience. It is probably the one & only game where a stalemate is full of uncertainty and heart-stoppingly thrilling. That is the reason cricket is called as the ‘game of glorious uncertainty’.

In a cricket field you have to take multiple decisions that can change the course of a match. In this regard, cricket is the game of mind as well. Yes, all games reveal character but cricket reveals so much of it. Just stop to think about cricket as a sport, yet you will encounter the game on our popular culture or top culture. You will find cricket almost in every culture ranging from TV commercials, movies, songs, and TV series. How can any sport even compete with cricket?

Md Asif Rahman


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