The undying Vietnamese Pho Noodle soup

The undying Vietnamese Pho Noodle soupHave you been to a mall or somewhere public and people are so busy with their own lives? All of a sudden you feel this need and that you can’t stop yourself from thinking about what to eat- I’m sure you can relate to it. And the rest can be a history. It is a fact that people, regardless of where they came from has one thing in common; we love to eat! Food has undeniably been one of the biggest defining factors of a culture and when we think of a country which has high regards when it comes to good food, Vietnam is one of the place.

As you travel to Vietnam, you will immediately notice that everywhere you go, you will find a contented soul sitting at a stall with a bowl of broth or rice with him. Indeed, food is the center of Vietnamese culture. And when it comes to Vietnamese food, nothing beats the popular Pho Noodle Soup, which is standing proudly declared as the Vietnamese National food.

But first, what is Pho?

– Pho is a Vietnamese Noodle soup, made with meat in the broth that is intricately made from simmering marrow rich beef bones for at least three hours and that mixed with herbs and spices, and the chewy rice noodles topped with raw beef and crisp bean sprouts.


This delicious noodle soup had been the symbol of Vietnam’s long history, considering the fact that Pho has been the country’s main dish for more than 100 years already, Pho noodles began as simple as just boiled beef, and noodles in broth, but as time passed by, inventive Vietnamese cooks has developed twists in the recipe and came up to the idea of raw strips of beef versions. Now there are two versions of Pho Noodle dish. These are:

Beef Pho Noodle soup (Pho Bo)

– The beef used in pho bo soup is medium rare, and it continues to cook in the soup broth. There are choices when it comes to beef types which you want to include in your sup. These are: bo chin- sliced well-done steak: bo tai-sliced rare steak; ve don- crunchy flank steak; gau- fatty brisket; gan- tendon; and bo vien- beef meatballs.

Chicken Pho Noodle soup (Pho Ga)

– The chicken version of the famous beef pho, it’s slightly lighter when it comes to the intensity of flavour but has the same alluring factor with the original Beef Pho dish.

The vegetable choices for either pho bo or pho ga include basil, saw grass, bean sprouts, scallions, cilantro and chilli. Condiments for both soups include lime, chilli sauce and hoisin, also known as plum sauce.

Indeed the Vietnamese cuisine has been offering its people appealing flavors to the palate and among its wide variety of choices, the Pho Noodle soup had received huge acceptance from people all around the world.

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