The danger we might not know in French fries!

The danger we might not know in French fries

When we talk about food, one thing that instantly pops out from our mind is the taste regardless of the fact that healthiness must also be highly considered.

Crispy and undeniably delicious- the famous French Fries! But why is it that the most readily available food in the fast food chains and restaurants is now considered as one of the most unhealthiest food we can eat? It may have crossed your mind that French fries are made of potatoes- a vegetable which has a rich source of carbohydrates and fiber. So in what way does French fries pose danger to our body?

Numerous experiments have been conducted years ago and up until now the French Fries has been proven that it has harmful chemicals that can badly harm our health.

Here are 3 good reasons why French fries are considered to be bad for one’s health:

1. Fries are deep fried in oil

– Deep frying fries makes the high in fat, and consuming them often increases the risk of becoming overweight, so it is basically high in fats and calories.

French-fries– Also, have you ever tried to have a look at where French fries are cooked? Notice that some if not all of the oil used for cooking such may already have that dirty brown color, it is because the oil probably has been used and been re-heated several times already. Imagine eating food from that pool of dirty oil.

2. They contain salt, a lot of salt!

– Fries are seasoned with salt to make it more flavourful. Studies show that consuming too much salt like those in French Fries can create a number of health hazards like; increasing the risk of kidney and heart disease and may sometimes lead to stroke if consumed excessively.

3. They contain acrylamide

– This is an industrial chemical that can be found in plastics, cigarette smoke, and cosmetics, and can cause cancer. These same chemicals are found in French fries.

But does this mean that we should avoid this all-time favorite snack? Well, we all might probably say no to that thought. Nothing is originally bad as long as we don’t get to consume it regularly. On a brighter side, it could be okay to eat French Fries as long as it seems to have fewer preservatives as compared to other fast food chain’s fries, you sure can tell the disparity amongst them.

Human as we are, we tend to get enticed by how food may look, smell and how they are highly accessible to the society. We must bear in mind that as well as avoiding the risk of getting sick by starting off with avoiding the factors which may greatly cause it. So come on, let’s grab some French Fries!

Archie Fegidero


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