Smart Snacks for Every Day

Smart Snacks for Every DayWe’ve all been there – after a long morning or work or school, afternoon strikes and so doe the craving for a salty snack. But instead of heading to the vending machine, which can add empty calories as well as majorly unhealthy sodium and trans fats to your diet, grab one of these healthy snacking options that are guaranteed to keep you satisfied and alert.

Whole Wheat Crackers with Low-Fat Cheese
Skip the fake cheesy vending machine snacks in favor of the real thing. Whole wheat gives your body energy to get through the rest of the day and cheese is packed with protein to keep you feeling full. Plus, a snack of crackers and cheese feels much more like a small, satisfying mid-afternoon meal than a bag of chips ever could.

A Handful of Nuts
Nuts are packed with protein, which will wake you up and keep you feeling full. Walnuts and almond in particular contain vitamin E, which can help improve memory and overall cognitive functions. Stick to a handful, since despite their brain benefits most nuts are still fairly high in fat and calorie.

Hardboiled Eggs
A hardboiled egg is the perfect snack – portable, easy to make and high in protein. Pack one or two in your bag for a savory low-calorie snack that’s satisfying and filling. Plus, egg yolks have the nutrient choline, which may help improve your brain function.


Fruit and Low-Fat Greek Yogurt
Blueberries, strawberries, bananas and more all taste delicious when mixed with low-fat Greek yogurt. This snack idea is perfect for days you’re craving something sweet but know you need to avoid the empty calories of sugary candies. Blueberries have antioxidants that may protect against memory loss, and bananas are high in potassium, which helps your brain function.

Broccoli and Hummus
The chickpea dip is full of protein to keep you satisfied, while broccoli adds satisfying texture, crunch, and healthy vitamin K to boost your brainpower and cognitive function all day. This Mediterranean snack is great for days you’re craving flavor without a sodium overload.

The best part? All of these snack ideas are delicious, healthy and easy to pack so you can beat the urge to visit the vending machine. Perk yourself up with fresh fruit, veggies or crackers and enjoy a healthier and more energized afternoon. And with so many tasty options, you’ll find yourself craving healthy snacking choices before you know it!

Chloe Lauter


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