Gyula and Its Enjoyable Spa like Qualities

Gyula and Its Enjoyable Spa like Qualities

Traveling is actually a glorious release from the bustling pace of your daily life and is meant to provide you relaxation. Nowadays, travelers’ revel in the beauty of places that looks and feels like a spa where you can wash down your worries away.

Though not talking specifically of masseurs or bubble baths, traveling to places can unwind your already burnt-out brains and whacked bodies via the endless views of verdant forests and the mere sound of the local rain tapping the roof.


The fresh and cleansed air, the medieval feel of huge boulders turned as households and the undeniable peace that one can harness from Gyula in Hungary is well worth your time, money and energy.

Known to be a great spot to go to during the Holidays, Gyula is a remote town that can invigorate the senses and rejuvenate the soul. If you ever feel like getting yourself a spa while traveling, then the intangible things that Gyula can offer would suit you best.


Known to be the last frontier of Hungary and bordering the country of Romania, Gyula is specifically included in the famous Great Hungarian Plain which is a relative 146 miles from Budapest and just 3 miles away from the nearby country.


With a total land area of 99 square miles, Gyula is currently being inhabited by almost 32,000 locals and is named after a Medieval Hungarian leader.


With the location that Gyula has which is bordering a body of water, Gyula is classified to be under the hemiboreal climates which meant that it’s colder than it is hotter.

Within the whole year, Gyula is experiencing an estimated temperature of 11-degrees Celsius and can still experience rain showers, even on its highly tempered days and months.


March is considered to be the least month to get rain showers while June is the exact opposite and can harness 79 millimeters of rainfall.

The following month of July would then be considered as the hottest and is ranging from 20-22-degrees Celsius. The most frigid temperature is recorded at -2-3-degree Celsius during January and February.


Always to be originating in a nearby town called Bekescsaba, travelers would be able to reach Gyula via either train and bus rides. There are a lot of websites for you to check schedules and fees such as or for a complete set of accurate details.


Getting to Gyula involves more land transportation than via air or water modes as the city is found on a coast and country line. From Budapest, Hungary’s capital city, you would be able to notice that there are an abundance in taxi services which you can also put as an alternative if you weren’t prepared in getting on their bus or train lines.

You might also not want to discount the fact that there are car rentals and air-conditioned minivans that would transport you in and out of Gyula. Walking and bicycling is also a common occurrence for in-city traveling.

What to See

Ferenc Erkel Memorial House

It is just right to have erected the Ferenc Erkel Memorial due to the pride that the composer from where this travel destination has been named has bought for this little town.


The very museum slashes memorial house is home to some of the famous Hungarian composers’ works such as national anthems, memorabilia and endless exhibitions of how Erkel lived his life in and out of Gyula.

Virgin Mary Museum

Just as what the name suggests, the Virgin Mary Museum is something that a religious one should visit as this took care of thousands of artifacts and objects focused on the Virgin Mary.


Contributions in completing the museum involve the help of countries like Papua New Guinea, Romania, Croatia and other European countries nearby.

Be thrilled to see such a vast collection of arts and masterpieces that depicts the different looks of the holy figure.

Gyula Castle

Incepted and built in the 15th century, the Gyula Castle still stands proud today and serves as Gyula’s one mighty landmark.


Currently, the castle serves as a museum which will give you a more realistic background of how the city prospered and developed through time.

Like any normal castle, this edifice is also home to tall borders of green shrubs, medieval sleeping quarters and arching towers for you to scan and enjoy.

Ladics House

Gyula is known to have preserved some houses that belong to the well-known and famous such as the Ladics House from Dr. Gyorgy Ladics old household.


The house itself presents itself as a baroque-inspired edifice which will give its visitors a clear view of how the family of this respected personality have been and the general Hungarian vibe of a mid 19th century town.

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