Introducing people to the game of squash

Introducing people to the game of squash

Besides being a luscious vegetable, Squash, is a racket sports dating back to the early 16th century in France. In ancient times it was played using the palm of the hand, later rackets were introduced and at present-my goodness!-squash rackets are made of some of the most technologically advanced materials money can buy.

Normally, squash is played among a couple of players with rackets in a four walled court; both of them knock a ball against the wall. Squash is a popular pursuit played all across the world due to the fact that it doesn’t need a sizable area to have fun playing. Health clubs and gyms now-a-days install squash court within their locations.

The game is played at break neck speeds and played to nine points. Squash calls for talent, agility, an active mind and skill just to track the ball; then comes the prediction about the next location of the ball and make a good return short within a split second of time.

Using side walls is part of the game but there are obviously certain rules in order to do this. Squash is not a sport for wimps, it’s a fun sport for those who love competition and are in excellent shape. For those who are little older, far from their prime time squash is probably not the right choice.


Squash develops your aerobic capability as it is a sport that calls for hard work. Since squash is a high-energy game, the heart will have to beat at a faster rate and provide more oxygen for body muscles. As a result a person’s aerobic ability gets better. Besides, the game fuses lot of moves that translates into more cardio movement on a continuous basis.

One of the most significant benefits of playing squash is it helps in muscle development. Squash is a combination of short and long leg strides accompanied with speedy hand movements. As a consequence, muscles that are not frequently used end up being working hard and end up much stronger. Meanwhile, both your upper and lower body gets core strength and ripped appearance.

A 30 minutes game of squash can allow you to burn up around 500 calories of fat. It’s the kind of sport where players have to work hard throughout the entire duration of the game thus our bodies dig deep into existing fat reserves and burn those. If you can make playing squash a part of your life you will soon discover the jaw dropping effects of the game on your body fat reserve.

Squash can make you flexible and improve your co-ordination. The sport can take you beyond the regular array of movements and makes you far more nimble. After hitting the wall the ball comes back in no time. Hence, in a squash game you have to be always ready to make a return.

This ‘awareness’ to handle the ball really works on your hand-eye coordination. During the full course of action your limbs interact more quickly and efficiently that translates into increasing your general ability to concentrate further.

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