Healthy Reasons to Roller Skate

Healthy Reasons to Roller SkateOver the years, people of all ages find roller skating as a favorite pastime. It was first practiced as a form of recreation and later with the passage of time, has evolved into a significant sport. Roller skating is a popular activity among families who usually gather on weekends at the park for fun or people who loves competitive sport.

Yes, it may seem like a very strenuous form of activity to those who are unaccustomed to exercise. But some people decide to forego walks with this due to the fact that it is a sport that the entire family can participate in. It’s always great to know some of the health and fitness benefits of roller skating whether you are a regular skater or not.


Roller skating is very beneficial to your health. Accompanied by fun & entertainment roller skating is as good as aerobic jogging, cycling, high caloric burn, exercise for joints and muscles. It can lessen the risk of heart disease. Roller skating increases your heart and breathing rate that results into increased metabolism, improved blood flow and more oxygen intake.

Research has shown that if you practice skating regularly then you are less vulnerable to various complicated diseases like stroke, high blood pressure and heart failure.

According to American Heart Association roller skating is one of the top fitness activities because all body muscles are involved in this sport, specially the heart which is the largest muscle. Besides, skating can boost your stamina and can work on your gluteal muscles, claves as well as abdomen. You can develop your balance, sharpen your co-ordination and enhance flexibility through skating.


Roller skating helps you to eliminate self-doubts and mitigate depression by developing greater connectivity between mind and body. Skating helps you to develop new skills and through the process you will start to trust yourself more and know your ability. Thus it will teach you to go beyond your limitations. Get yourself indulged into skating in order to clear all the cobwebs in your head.

Competitive roller skating like artistic pairs or roller derby can help in developing teamwork among participants, encourages fair play and respect. Recreational group skating with family and friends is a great way to socialize and interact with the world with passion. Furthermore, it widens a sense of belonging. So invite your friends to a roller skate day and nurture the bondage.

The good thing of roller skating is it will do all these benefits to you without making you feel that you are in a workout. This is due to its enormous fun creation potential. The level of fun is so intense that you will be unconscious about the time passing by. Roller skating with friends can enhance the fun even more.

However, it would be wise to think about the safety measures before you really go for skating. Put on all necessary safety equipments like knee pads, wrist pads, palm guards and helmets because you are certainly going to fall a number of times before you become a roller skating expert.

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