Visit the heart of Europe: Slovenia

Visit the heart of Europe SloveniaSlovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Pannonian Plain, Alps, Karst, and the Mediterranean. This country is part of the famous organizations like the European Union, Schengen Agreement and NATO. It is a small country with a small population, which is located in the continent of Central Europe.

The changing landscapes in this country are constantly surprising. All the beautiful destinations in this country is to die for, All the tourists can have one eye on the sea, then look in the other direction and you will be surrounded by high mountains that quick.


Heading up into the forests is a great activity where everyone can see the breathtaking green plains below. From the upland and meadow everyone’s view will stretches into beautiful river valleys.


Slovenia is located in the middle of the Balkans and Central Europe in the eastern part of the Alps and at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea.

It is surrounded by the countries of Austria in the northern part, Italy in the western part, Northeastern part by Hungary, while in the southeast is Croatia.


Despite the small size of the country, Slovenia has different varieties of transit routes on other major European countries.

This country also offers their locals and tourists a wide variety of landscapes, the Alpine in the northwest part, Mediterranean in the southwest, Dinaric in the southeast and Pannonian in the northeastern part. Almost the half of part of the land in Slovenia is forested.


The weather in Slovenia is like the other typical European continent. The climate is warm, with dry summers and with cold winters. The coastal and lowland areas in the south have an influenced Mediterranean climate.


The months of May, June, July, August and September have a nice average temperature that ranges 20°C in July and around 0°C in January. The warmest month is during the month of August, while June is the wettest month, and the month of February is the driest.

There is also a Continental climate in the northeast, a severe Alpine climate in the high mountain regions, and a sub-Mediterranean climate in the coastal region.


The Ljubljana Airport is the main international airport of Slovenia and the house of their national carrier Adria Airways, which has different flights to many cities across Europe and also offers many connections to Southeastern European Countries.


The cheapest air connections and a favorite of many tourists is the carrier SkyJet, because it also has daily flights directed from London Stansted Airport in England.

What to See


Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. Located at the middle of a trade route between the northern Adriatic Sea and the Danube region, this is considered as Slovenia’s crown jewel.


Ljubljana has something for everyone and it has a chill and charming appeal as any leading city can get. Visit a museum, experience the night life or just admire the world just by going at the many riverside cafes, life here can be as fast or slow as you like. Ljubljana will surely capture and you may not want to leave this city.

Lake Bled and Lake Bohini

These lakes are just some of Slovenia’s famous tourist destinations. Lake Bled is simply a beautiful and magical place to visit. It is a picture perfect place that everyone are dying to visit.

Walk around the shore and feel the breeze and experience its real beauty from all angles.


Soca Valley

This mesmerizing river will surely captivate you with its amazing color, emerald green and its natural beauty that surely put you in awe.

This water valley offers different kind of activities, these includes water rafting, kayaking, paragliding, climbing, zip lining, and etc. that are perfect for the adventurous soul and the whole family.



This is the dream city in Slovenia. It lies in the narrow peninsula of the country. It is everyone’s favorite town. It is one of the best preserved historical towns anywhere on the Adriatic part.


It shows the rich and historical culture of Venetian Gothic architecture. It is hard not to fall in love with this city because of its beautiful, unique architectural design that also has Venetian Gothic alleyways and tempting fancy restaurants that will surely make you visit again.

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