Benefits of Soccer

Benefits of Soccer

Soccer, or also known as football, is a sport which an individual uses the feet, legs and other parts of the body except the arms. It is a famous sport all around the globe; in Asia, Australia, America, fast spreading its popularity in Africa and extremely famous in nations across European soil. It is treated as a profession for some, and some treats it as merely simple exercise and past time.

How can we play soccer? Simple, all you need is a ball and space to play around with it. Soccer is indeed a useful exercise. There are several benefits which individuals can extract from soccer, it is not just financial or cash but its main purpose is in the physical fitness aspect. It is surely a great idea to consider soccer in relation to health and fitness. Here are some benefits that soccer gives:

Cardio improvement

Spending hours on a treadmill for cardio improvement may sound tiring and somewhat boring. Well, if variation is what people seek, they could probably consider soccer. It is not just about kicking ball, it is also all about running. Did you know that in professional soccer, a player can run from eight to twelve kilometers in one game? Yes, indeed it is full of running and not just that, it promotes other multitasking activities such as kicking the ball. The fast-paced game forces the heart to pump faster and more blood which prevents the clogging of the arteries which may cause heart diseases. As a result, one can achieve a holistic healthy heart.

Muscle toning and bone strength

Try checking out soccer players. Upon observing them, one may notice that their body structures are not that bulky, instead their bodies are sculpted along with tight muscular form. Due to excessive running and movement in playing soccer, it makes the muscles in the body toned.


Soccer may also increase the bone strength as its repeated load of movements may help bones become stronger. It will eventually help every individual as they grow old and encounter low bone density.

Longer endurance

Endurance is the body’s capacity to do activities in a given period of time. In relation to cardiovascular improvement, playing soccer increases the endurance by excessive running and kicking the ball for a longer span of time. It is far way better than running their sweat out on gyms, its variety of motions such as running, walking, sprinting, jumping and of course kicking will definitely help one’s endurance. Of course, longer endurance is a must as a soccer game lasts at least 90 minutes.

Better coordination

Soccer is not just about running and kicking the ball. Although hands are used less on a soccer game, they are also needed for coordination, so as the other parts of the body like the eyes and of course brain. With the variety of complex movements such as dribbling, kicking, passing and turning in varying speed and direction, soccer indeed promotes coordination. Individuals must use the peripheral ability of the eyes, the hand for balancing and shielding for protection and of course the brain for solving out movement equations on the pitch. Brain is needed in soccer, so as to chess.

Gaining teamwork and friends

Soccer ideally is made up by a team and 11 players o play on the field to be exact. One doesn’t only need individual coordination and skills, so teamwork is also needed. Soccer is running together, kicking together and scoring together in support to one another. Soccer isn’t just a game, for some, it is the way of life. What they learn on the pitch or field is associated in their lives. Soccer players prefer scoring as a team rather than personal goals, indeed, a total team effort. Through soccer, individuals will not only gain physical fitness but also social interaction and gaining friends.

Indeed, soccer as the number one sport not just in Europe, but all around the world, does have many benefits. It makes the body healthy not just physically, but the holistic aspects of each and every individual playing it.

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