Be enamored with Pazin as how Jules Verne did

Be enamored with Pazin as how Jules Verne didKnown worldwide for the chasm and the castle bundle, this greenish patch of land in Croatia is your dream destination if you wanted to exhale the strong aroma of nature every single second.

The laid back aura and the carefree vibe that’s being displayed by its locals is one heck of an advantage to those who crave for tranquility within their getaway.


When you’re one of the many who excels in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and climbing, you’d also find this place a beauty due to the endless possibilities that one can do outside.

The linked trails of streams through forests, the swaying leaves of towering trees and the silent hum of animals lurking in the distance, all capped with the hospitality emanating from every cheap hostel and household, Pazin is truly a magical place to be in.


Known to be an Istria’s administrative seat, Pazin is located and connected to almost any known place within the country. Specifically located in the middle of the Istrian peninsula, Pazin is scarcely inhabited by locals with just a population of almost 11,000 for both urban and rural settlements.


Some of the cities that surround Pazin include Umag and Rovinj, both conveniently can be accessed. Currently, there are little divisions that comprise Pazin, which includes Beram, Bertosi, Butoniga, Heki, Lovrin, Lindar, Vela Traba and Zarecje.


Due to its strategic location being in the center of everything, Pazin experiences what the rest of Croatia does when it comes to its weather. As according to the Koppen Climate Classification, Pazin is under the marine west coast climate which equates to two seasons and high probability of rainfall every day.


The months of June and July are deemed the hottest and temperatures are set as high as 37-39-degree Celsius. The heat gradually drops down and the cold months of November until February can be felt and can go as frigid as -2-degree Celsius.

All throughout the year, rainfall is experienced with July with the lowest precipitation count of 2.55 inches while December recorded at 4.87 inches of rain showers. April is said to be the rainiest month though, with almost 13 days of rainy days recorded per annum.


Generally, you won’t be able to catch a flight to get in and get out of Pazin as there is no available terminal near it. As of current writing, there are no plans of getting an airport in place of the city just yet.


The very intrinsic bus system is the best way for you to travel from the nearest airport to Pazin which can take up to 6 hours depending on the place of origin. The bus lines hovering around the city would also give you access to be transported onto neighboring cities such as Pula and Zagreb.

A taxi cab, which is rather uncommon, is also available for you to scan the city’s travel spots, but it will be best for you to go places on foot. Bicycles for rent can also be an alternative and is available within the city.

What to See

Pazin Chasm

Undeniably one of Pazin’s most treasured travel destinations, The Chasm is a natural architecture made to please the adventurer ego in you. Dropping down to a 100 meter dive, the Chasm will then end onto the bottom where the Pazincica River sloshes.


The very spot has been a peg for some of Jules Verne’s work and the entrances can be found by Hotel Lovac or a cave maze guided by an expert. The natural canyon can best be enjoyed for city viewing or just for sheer outdoor activity.


Just adjacent from the equally famous Chasm, Pazin’s Castle is also a notable landmark which has been built AD 983. This glorious castle is made from an amalgamation of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture and is now home to two small museums.


Get your cameras ready and take a photo by this looming Pazin original and feel the ethnicity being reverberated within its walls.


Located on the westernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula, the Lighthouse, built and incepted in 1818 is by far one of the best and the tallest lighthouses around the world.


You’d be delighted to know that this piece of history has been off for rent in a weekly span just for the enjoyment of the lucky few who can afford the fees.

The Lighthouse is your best bet to go to when you wanted to see a panoramic view and the sweeping greens of Pazin or if this is your idea of a romantic day cap, and then book ahead as early as you can.

Ethnographic Museum

Located inside the infamous Pazin Castle, the Ethnographic Museum would definitely give you the best chills as this is home to several artifacts that scopes a total of 4200.


The collection present and well-preserved inside the museum is comprised of tools, pottery and garments used by the local and olden Istrian locals.

The way the stuff has been maintained would definitely leave you gaping in awe.

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