Exploring the Intimate Gruissan

Exploring the Intimate Gruissan


While towering architectures and massive cathedrals always to the requirements of our holiday destination. Yet still, quaint, little places hold a soft spot in our heart.

Once you see the commune of Gruissan, those spots are about to be reawakened.


Gruissan is located at the southernmost part of France. It is part of the Languedoc-Roussillon region of the Aude Department.


It is one of the many communal that lies facing the Mediterranean Sea. Towns near Gruissan are Narbonne at the north and Leucate at the south.


Just like most of the communes located at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, August is the best month to visit the place. You don’t have to worry about the place being crowded, however.

Despite the peak season, Gruissan still remains less crowded and feels more intimate for your bonding experience.


Another good news about Gruissan is you can choose any kind of transportation you are comfortable with. From Paris, the TGV rail service will take you to Narbonne and from there it is a short travel to Gruissan.


If you want to travel by car, there routes to the town is not crowded, so you won’t have to worry about traffic. From Paris, take the A9 road, then exit at Narbonne EST. If you’re from Lyons, take the A7, while A62 or A61 if you’re from Toulouse. Ferries are also available and with a discount through Chateau Vary Travel. Other public transportations such as bus and taxis are also available.


Gruissan Ruined Castle

Sitting atop the hill surrounded by the small houses is the ruined castle in Gruissan. It was built during the 13th century, yet the only recognizable part of a structure that remains is the Barbarossa Tower.


While it is not as majestic as the other ruins in France, it is still a good place to start exploring the small village.

Gruissan Town Center

The Gruissan Town Center is beautiful during the day, but it is more at night. This is the time when the little town comes to life.


Apart from sampling the cuisine, you can get to know the locals and other tourists as well. At times, big parties are held with local bands performing for the night.

Boat Trip

One of the must-do in Gruissan is taking the boat trip. Marina operates it in the modern part of town. It turned the community to be an enjoyable spot for tourists.


Taking the boat trip, you will sail from the port of Gruissan until the Narbonne Plage. It is a good time to enjoy the sunshine and get a tan while enjoying the view of the French coastline, a chance to see the limestone massif, and some of the vineyards and lagoons in the south of France.


For anyone looking for some kind of adrenaline rush, you don’t want to miss windsurfing at Gruissan.


However, going to the beach could be a little bit stressful, since you still have to drive a 4×4 vehicle, squeeze through posts, and get a yourself muddied if you’re not careful. But what’s that compared to the reward?

Gruissan coast is the perfect place for water sport. The water is wild while the place is serene – a perfect spot for anyone.

Salins de Gruissan

Last but not the least is the stunning sunset of Salins de Gruissan. After the excitement dies down, there is nothing better to end the day than simply watching the setting of the sun in the fishing port of the small village. Whether with family or friends, the serene sight is the perfect finishing touch for a beautiful adventure.


For your interest, the water in Salins de Gruissan is a bright salmon pink on its own and not a mere reflection of the light. It came from Dunaliella Salina.

It is a salt-tolerant algae whose color changes in intensity directly proportional to the intensity of the sun and wind in the salt solution in the water.

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