Chess, the gymnasium of your mind

Chess the gymnasium of your mindChess is simultaneously a sport, a science and an art. There is no element of luck involved in the game of chess. The result of each match completely depends on the knowledge and skill of players. Victory is earned and can be savored as a personal achievement; that’s the great virtue of the game.

A youngster who takes part in chess can develop so many virtues like critical thinking, logic development, instant problem solving abilities, memory, visualization, patience, self-expression, poise, confidence, good sportsmanship and more importantly self-esteem.

People who play chess with a bit of frequency experience intellectual benefits along with emotional and social benefits irrespective of their age. If you still think that chess is boring or you are too old to play chess or you are not that smart to play chess check out the following that you might not aware of.

Playing chess can build your intellectual abilities. It is already proved that children who are exposed to chess show improved performance in their math and reading skills. This improvement is clearly scalable within a very short period of time; usually within a year.

You don’t have to be the best chess player to show the sign of improvement. Even the mediocre player can show jaw-dropping academic performance. In case of adults who play chess with a regular routine can improve their brain function. Chess can delay or even can diminish the effects of Alzheimer’s disease among adults.


A person can be befitted from social as well as emotional point of view if he takes part in chess. Children who play chess at school or in a social club or with friends can learn how to be a good winner and loser. Being able to endure the agony of defeat is a vital part of mental development and chess can teach you that.

The game will also give you the joy of winning while develop fairness and ethics at the same time. Once you improve your skills with the passage of time, your self-esteem and confidence will be boosted. And don’t forget about improved communication skill. As chess gives ample opportunity to discuss about strategies and moves with coaches, seniors or mates it has the virtue of improving your communication skill.

Chess is a game of strategy; every pieces of chess board can be moved and analyzed in numerous ways. This will teach how to take decision in advance thus helping you to understand the complexity of real life. Being able to anticipate issues early will definitely keep you in good stead no matter how worst the situation is.

For over 2000 years chess has been around in many forms in our planet while offering us number of benefits. Although the benefits are not readily perceived as the physical advantages of football and cricket but this game is a real workout place for your mind. These benefits are basically subjective and can be observed over a period of time. The appeal of chess lies in its ability to challenge player’s strategy as well as skills. Remember, if you play chess regularly you are doing a great favor to your mind and intellect in the long run.

Md Asif Rahman


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