What to Eat for Perfect Skin

What to Eat for Perfect SkinSome people may be blessed with naturally clear complexions, but there’s no doubt that diet has a huge impact on your skin. Junk foods and greasy, unhealthy meals don’t just make you feel sluggish and bloated, they also affect the health and look of your skin. But it’s easy to make a few small changes and start eating foods that will give you clear, glowing skin for a gorgeous natural look.


These red superfruits are high in vitamin C, which keeps your skin firm and reduces signs of aging by aiding collagen products. Lycopene gives tomatoes their bright red color and also improves skin circulation for an all-over glow. So why not toss a few tomatoes into your next salad or pasta dish?


Avocados are high in vitamin E, which contributes to glowing and naturally moisturized skin, as well as inflammation-reducing vitamin C. Plus, the naturally occurring oil in avocados keeps your skin youthful by boosting collagen production. Avocados are delicious in all kinds of meals, from smoothies to salads and even desserts, so you’ll have to problem adding them to your daily diet.

Low-Fat Dairy Products

Low-fat dairy products like milk and yogurt are packed with vitamin A that, unlike the form of vitamin A found in carrots and the like, can be used by everyone’s skin even if you have other health conditions. Vitamin A is an absolute skin health essential for clear and healthy skin. Plus, low-fat yogurt has the double benefit of vitamin A and bacteria that regulates intestinal health, as any food that helps regulate digestion will also keep your skin healthy.


Antioxidant-rich foods

Plums, dark berries like blueberries and strawberries, beans and artichokes are all packed with skin-healthy antioxidants. Antioxidant protect skin cells and help fight against free radicals, which are caused by sun exposure and lead to skin damage and aging. Beans are also full of fiber, which helps your skin by aiding digestion and detoxification.

Foods Rich in Essential Fatty Acids

No doubt you’ve heard of fatty acids before, but did you know they’re also great for your skin? In particular omega-3 fatty acid, which is found in salmon, walnuts and flax seeds, helps keep skin cell membranes healthy so they can absorb water and nutrients. Plus, fatty acids seriously contribute to heart health so you can feel good inside and out.

Green Tea

Green tea is an absolute health must, in large part because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, drinking green tea regularly may reduce your risk of skin cancer and risk of skin damage from sun exposure. With all these benefits, it’s the perfect morning pick-me-up.

The best part is that in addition to clearing your complexion and giving your skin a youthful glow, most of these skin-benefiting foods are also good for your whole body. So whether you opt for a cup of green tea or a bowl of low-fat yogurt, enjoy them knowing that you’re doing something good for your skin and your body.

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