Feed your Insatiable Need for Adventure in Gaziantep

Feed your Insatiable Need for Adventure in Gaziantep

When we travel, we all look for the satisfaction of eating the cuisine served at the country we’re visiting. Eating one place’s delicacies is so much like taking in the life of the locals through your palate, and the result brings you to an unexplainable high.

Some places even used their sumptuous food delights to strengthen their tourism and make travelers come back for more culinary cravings. Eating had been an indispensable human nature and it is through being pleased by the taste that we’ve come to remember special moments like travel.


More often than not, all places from around the globe definitely boast a dish or two that would spark interest and urge travelers to pay a visit. If you’ve known the Turkish desert baklava, you must visit Gaziantep above all else as this is where the aforementioned sweet treat is created at its finest.


Gaziantep, also formally known as Antep, is Turkey’s sixth most populous city and is subdivided into two urban zones, which are Sahinbey and Sehitkamil. Gaziantep is specifically located at Turkey’s southeastern edge and approximately 115 miles from another famous city, Adana and 60 miles north of Aleppo in Syria.


Gaziantep is also known as one of the few oldest cities to be continuously resided by people that reached a 1.5 million inhabitant-mark last 2011.


According to the Koppen Climate classification, Gaziantep is under the hot-summer Mediterranean class, which equates to hot and arid summers with cool and occasionally snowy winter season.


Some parts of Gaziantep might also experience a continental climate due to the town’s location, which covers the borders of changing weather conditions.

The months of June until August had been deemed the hottest that range a temperature of 31-36-degree Celsius while rainfall starts to be observable during the December-February cluster and can give precipitation of as high as 89 millimeters in an average.


If traveling by air, Gaziantep can cater to in and out tourists via the Oguzeli Airport. This airport caters to major flights internationally and domestic flights, which can either, connect or transport you to equally famous neighboring cities and countries.


Bus terminals, while a bit out of the city center, are another way for you to roam around Gaziantep. Normally colored flesh and blue, these buses would help you out in visiting points of attraction around the city for a cheap fee. Taxis and rented cars are also allowed in Gaziantep if you’re on a splurge.

What to See

Gaziantep Museum of Archaeology

Deemed as the town’s main museum, the Gaziantep Museum of Archaeology showcases timeless collections of various ceramic artifacts from the Neolithic age, which includes mosaics, glassware, ceramics, old trade coins, statues and stone or bronze products.


Boyaci Mosque

Located in the urban zone of Sahinbey, the Boyaci Museum is saturated with stories of worship and faith since its completion in 1357.


The minaret found in this place of religion is treated as Gaziantep’s one of the most relevant symbols.

Ataturk Culture Park

While Gaziantep is known to be a developing town, they haven’t let go of their natural wonders and roots through the Ataturk Culture Park.


This is dubbed as the largest open park in the town and is located in the city’s epicenter region.

Zincirli Bedesten

Serving its purpose as a covered bazaar since the Ottoman era, the Zincirli Bedesten is now a huge avenue for local commerce and trade, which involves local produces and souvenirs.


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