Be in the Center of Everything in Aberdeen

Be in the Center of Everything in Aberdeen

Travel hopping is such a rising fad these days that it is no surprise that people have hordes of encounters and stories to keep in just one trip. When travelers wanted to reach as many places as they can on a specific country, they normally choose to stay first in a place which is readily accessible to other points of interest.


The specific location of this starting point must be at the middle of a huge patch of land because it’s always starting in the center and travel outwards. People are also leaning on the fact that once a city or town is in the middle of a map, it is quite expected that it is the core area to be for amalgamations in culture, way of living, food, transportation and all that encompass societal norms.

If you happen to visit Scotland one day, start your journey to Aberdeen and never regret that you had put this as a priority.


Aberdeen, also known as The Granite City, is Scotland’s third most populous city with almost 229,000 inhabitants as of last count. Aberdeen’s location is said to set this apart from other travel destinations in the United Kingdom.

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Some of the most noted places surrounding Aberdeen are Inverurie, Keith, Elgin and Ellon Fraserburgh in its immediate north, Norway’s Peterhead and Stavanger on its northeastern tip, Westhill and Grantown-on-Spey on its western side while Denmark’s Aalborg lies to its east.

Banchory and Forfar are located on its southwest, Portlethen and Stonehaven underneath it southward and the Netherland’s Groningen and Amsterdam on its southeastern edge.


Aberdeen is dubbed as one of the coldest cities in the whole of the United Kingdom due to its oceanic climate. It is in Aberdeen wherein days are shorter during winter lasting for just about 6 hours and 40 minutes.


Summer, on the other hand, brings about longer days for up to 18 hours of sunlight. Due to its huge scope of land base, Aberdeen’s weather systems is served and collected by two stations, which are Aberdeen/Dyce and Craibstone.

Generally, the months of June to August are the hottest at an average of 29-degree Celsius and frigid weathers would kick-off in October until January.


Travel in, out and around Aberdeen works the same way as how a country is developing. If you’d skim the city via bus travel, the most known bus station is just beside the Jury’s Inn, which offers travel to several points of interest such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, London and Perth.


Getting on a train would also be a good option and you’d be able to experience train travel near the humongous Union Square Shopping Center as your focal point. Same destinations are being served on the terminal and getting around the city and neighboring towns wouldn’t be a hassle at all.

East of the bus and train station lies a port for ferry rides. If you’d want to go to Orkney and Shetland, you can succumb the services of the Northlink Ferries to transport you there via a car ferry ride.

Six miles northwest of the city center lies the Aberdeen Airport which caters to flights going to numerous Scotland places and United Kingdom destinations. International flights are also available in Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, France and Germany.

What to See

Aberdeen Beach

Swim through Scottish waters and travel the 2-mile stretch of golden coastline in Aberdeen beach.

Boasting and always saturated with tourists, this whimsical area in Aberdeen is just 800 meters east of the city center.


Union Street

As how the whole Aberdeen is made of, immerse yourself in Union Street’s editorial feel of high edifices made up of hewn granite stones.


This is Aberdeen’s high-profile area due to the fact that many tourists who love to shop, dine and splurge frequent the general vicinity.


If you’re traveling with a kid or just want to unleash the kid in you, get your feet moving to the Satrosphere that would suit you and your insatiable curiosity via their hands-on science center pieces and machineries.


Fish Market

Located in Albert Basin, this humble and always buzzing market is known for its delicate fish produce and other edible things from the sea.

Visit the place as early as you can as they only operate until 8 in the morning.


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