Building strong leg muscles for Volleyball game day

Building strong leg muscles for Volleyball game dayPlaying volleyball is fun and at the same time it is a good physical exercise as well. In order to become a part of this beneficial game your leg muscles have to be strong enough to support the rigor of volleyball. In addition, you need to understand very comprehensive details of the game. Volleyball calls for a lot of ‘spring’ and ‘pop’ in those legs so that you can run, jump and dive. These are really important traits in terms of physical requirements for volleyball.

Vertical jump is one of main physical aspects of a successful volleyball player. This vertical jump is a clear sign of power and strength of one’s leg muscles. Similar to sprinting, jumping is vital to develop as a physical trait for the sport of volleyball. So it is clear by now that strong legs are one of the prerequisites of volleyball. There are in fact many ways how you can develop and build your leg muscles.

The key is to cater your training program in a better way. Your posterior body parts including hips, glutes, calves, hamstring, shoulders and back are the power sources for your leg muscles. Some exercises to fuel up your posterior body part are kettlebell swings, big core lifts, dead lifts and olympic power cleans. Through these exercises your posterior chain should be working efficiently that translates into stronger leg muscles.

Plyometrics is another great option for building stronger leg muscles. In simple words plyometrics consist of a series of exercise that involve short burst of high intensity movements. These drills will facilitate your muscles and connective tissues to work under forceful situations and at the same time initiating the SSC (stretch shortening cycle).


Plyometrics are truly helpful to minimize the chance of joint related injury and at the same time this can promote your explosiveness. If you include these drills in your training schedule that will be a fantastic choice and your volleyball training program will turn into a success story.

Now as your body is ready for a volleyball game day start enjoying numerous health benefits volleyball can provide you. First of all volleyball can burn your fat percentage in a positive way; researchers have found that taking part in only 45 minutes of volleyball game can burn up to 585 calories. As a consequence you are less vulnerable to diabetes, heart disease, as well as hypertension.

Your cardiovascular and respiratory systems can be benefitted as well from volleyball game. Volleyball can increase blood circulation throughout the body which in turn can supply more oxygen to the brain and nutrients throughout the body.

Other benefits of volleyball include better hand-eye coordination, balance and reflexes. Furthermore, it makes a player to be able to take split-second decisions. Alongside physical benefits your mental health will also be boosted. Playing volleyball can help in releasing endorphins that alleviate your stress and cheer up you mood. Your social instinct can be boosted as well because volleyball is a team game. Your ability to take part in teamwork and cooperative attitude will certainly be increased.

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