When it comes to these Healthy Foods, there is such thing as too much

When it comes to these Healthy Foods, there is such thing as too muchMost people believe that as long as you’re eating healthy, there’s no such thing as too much. But some foods with amazing health benefits can turn sour if you overindulge, leading to further health issues like acid reflux and kidney stones. Keep your health in check and avoid causing yourself harm by keeping in mind not to overindulge in these foods. However, they still provide amazing health benefits when eaten in moderation, so there’s no excuse to skip them!

Tomatoes, Oranges and Pineapples
Tomatoes, oranges and pineapples add a pop of bright color and an incredible amount of Vitamin C to your dishes, but they also happen to be highly acidic. Eating too many acidic foods leads to an increase acid intake, which can cause reflux. Over an extended period of time regular reflux flare-ups can lead to esophageal damage and more dangerous health problems. If you already suffer from acid reflux, it’s best to skip these acidic fruits in favor of something less acidic but still packed with Vitamin C. Even if you’ve never has problems with reflux, try to stick to two servings or oranges, pineapples or tomatoes a day to keep your acid intake at a healthy and manageable level.


Canned Tuna
While the lean protein in tuna has some amazing health and weight control benefits, don’t rely on it as an everyday sandwich or salad ingredient. Tuna is higher in mercury contamination levels that other fish, so even though levels are safe enough to eat around three cans of tuna per week, don’t make it a daily staple. High levels of mercury intake can cause serious health problems including vision and hearing loss, muscle weakness and loss of coordination. If you’re a canned tuna addict, simply try switching out your tuna for a lower-mercury fish a few times per week.

Versatile, tasty and packed with nutrients – spinach really is a superfood. While this leafy green is a healthy eating essential, in addition to protein, fiber and lutein it also contains high levels of oxalate. Oxalate has been linked to the formation of kidney stones, so definitely avoid if it you’ve had any issue with kidney stones in the past.

Lean Protein
While lean protein like chicken breast is a great health-conscious way to get enough protein, it shouldn’t be the only source of protein in your diet. Too many animal proteins in your system can lead to signs of aging and an increased risk of cancer. Try to skip the chicken or eggs occasionally and snack on high-protein nuts and whole grains instead.

Keep this information in mind when planning meals to make the more of healthy foods without overdoing it or causing yourself unintended harm. But this doesn’t mean to stop eating any of these foods entirely! Instead, a mindful intake will help you maintain a balanced diet and healthy body and mind.

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