Prevalence of Balance in Uppsala

Prevalence of Balance in Uppsala

Balancing what left of the old version and the things has served as new is such an arduous and magnificent task to shoulder. Most would think that this works the same way as a trap, but nonetheless, the beauty and skill needed to carry-out this doing is only owned by a selected few.


We all have witnessed some places who never planned to move on from its deep-seated roots and have gone pretty much all right while some dashed through development as if there’s no other way but do it. The sheer success of places who managed to preserve how the way they were and the way they are now is something that is admirable and enjoyable at the same time.

And travelers are now very specific on places who can do weigh old and new ways properly and live with both. If you’re into this kind of frenzy, then the city of Uppsala is a place that you shouldn’t take for granted.


Considered to be Scotland’s fourth largest city, Uppsala is currently being inhabited by almost 145,000 locals and is continuously growing as time goes by.

Specifically, Uppsala is the seat of the Uppsala Municipality and is 44 miles north of Scotland’s capital, Stockholm.



If ever you’d be in Uppsala, expect a climate that leans on warm summers and cold winters. The city is located in the so-called 59th parallel north and is expected to have a humid continental climate as according to the Koppen Climate Classification.


Temperatures are on a high bar during the months of June, July and August with 23-degrees Celsius as the hottest mark. Once November kicks in, temperatures generally drop to as low as -1-degree Celsius with February being the most frigid with -6-degrees. Ironically, July and August also have the highest levels of precipitation despite its warm temperature that can go as high as 74 millimeters of rain annually.


If you entered Scotland via its capital city Stockholm, allot at least 40 minutes of travel to get into Uppsala’s city center. Nearest airport that you can use to get in and out of this town is via the Arlanda Airport, which is an estimated 18-minute travel to and fro.


The city is also within reach by walking and you’d find yourself wandering about on the city’s inner pulse in shopping, historical destinations, upbeat ambiences of universities and culture complexes. Biking is also a mode of transportation that’s famous in Uppsala for health and adventure reasons.

What to See

Uppsala Slott

Built in the Golden Year of 1550, visit this historic castle crafted by Gustav Vasa and enjoy displays of international contemporary art and Swedish displays of genius in craftsmanship.

Uppsala slott

Carolina Rediviva

If you’re in the mood to release the bookish side of you, get your feet moving in the Carolina Rediviva that holds a huge collection of manuscripts, maps and book collections dating back as old as the Ethiopian times.


Botanical Gardens

Uppsala’s Botanical Gardens are a huge platform for the locals to be proud as almost 10,000 of species of flowers and the infamous Linnaeum Orangery, which is 200-years old as of this writing.



Into a deeper know about Uppsala’s Gothic nature and be astounded with some of the artifacts to be seen such as Gustav’s funerary sword. Tours are available at scheduled times and dates.


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