Sense the tranquility in Kirkwall

Sense the tranquility in KirkwallKirkwall may have been one of Scotland’s wealthiest cities, but the uniqueness of its stone alleys and signature Scottish architecture separate its quietness from other developed places in the world.

The importance of history is palpable as seen in museum, churches and castles surrounding the city. Kirkwall is a breath of fresh air for those who look for a laid back vacation in a different kind of way.



Kirkwall is the capital city of the Orkney archipelago of the northern Scotland. Earl Rognvald Brusason built the place in 1035.

The place has a port and an airport which made it accessible not only for tourism but for trade and commerce as well.


Generally, the climate is warm and temperate. Expect a great deal of rainfall even on months that are considered the driest.

Greatest precipitation happens during November while May happens to experience the lowest. July is the hottest month while February experiences the lowest temperature in a year.



Flights to Kirkwall are available from the cities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Shetland. Getting by seas is also another way of getting into this city.


Since Kirkwall is known for its port, tourists who want to experience travelling by water can take this route as an alternative option.

Trains to and from Caithness and Aberdeen are also available to tourists in order to reach this destination.



Saint Magnus Cathedral

Considered as ‘Light in the North’, this cathedral is Kirkwall’s most astounding architecture. This edifice made of red sandstone was made in the memory of Earl Magnus Erlendson by his nephew.

The foundation of this church started in 1137 and its upper area bring spectacular views of the surrounding scenic surroundings.


Highland Park Distillery

This was made in 1978. The award-winning distillery is running for more than 30 years now and is being noted as one of the best Scotch whisky distillery internationally.


The Earl’s Place

This French Renaissance architecture serves as a memorial on the ruling of Stewart Earls. The grandeur it once owned had turned into ruins that started in 1705.

The structure became roofless and the weather contributed to the tarnish this place had acquired.


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