Live modestly and emanate contentment in Hualien

Live modestly and emanate contentment in Hualien

Traveling on a budget had been prevalent nowadays because of the fact that people would like to satisfy their craving to roam around aimlessly than go with everything planned.

Trips that require less money would mean more chances of finding yourself lost yet fulfilled in a place that you’ve never set foot before.

While it is just an inviting thought to stay in luxurious hotels and be pampered by answering your every whim through pointless travel purchases, we cannot escape the thrill and excitement of submerging yourself like a local when it comes to eating, lodging and spending.


Being in the middle of a busy street with just enough money to spare is one heck of an experience and if you want to have your tight budget maximized, then put Hualien in Taiwan as a priority.

Enjoy and roam around this pleasant small town with a light pocket and a fulfilled heart after.


Known to be one of Taiwan’s most liveable and pleasant cities, Hualien City is making its mark into being a melting pot in travel and tourism.


It is specifically located on the infamous Taroko Gorge and is a strip of land between the huge Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Range.

Currently, this humble city is being occupied by 106,000+ residents and is the seat of the county of the same name, Hualien County.


Hualien City, like the rest of Taiwan and neighboring Southeast Asian countries is under the tropical rainforest climate and is bordering a humid subtropical climate.


Summer temperature is ranging from 25-32-degree Celsius while winters play in the range of 15-22-degrees.

Annually, Hualien is on the general temperature mark of 24-degree Celsius with rainy months of June to September inviting the cooler winds to the area.


Located 10 minutes away from the Hualien City Center lies the international airport, which would be the travelers means of getting in and out, the Hualien Airport.

The airport is specifically located in the Xincheng Township and is known to serve domestic flights and selected international flights for its passengers.


Via rail, tourists can choose to use the Hualien Station, the TRA Northlink Line and the Hualien-Taitung Line that connected the whole of Hualien to nearby coasts and towns.

Trade and commerce go by the Port of Hualien, which negotiates with fleets and cargoes coming from Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Korea.

What to See

The Abode of Still Thoughts

True to its perspective in keeping it clean and simple, this religious infrastructure called The Abode of Still Thoughts is the original home of the well-renowned Tzu-Chi Buddhist Foundation.


Commonly being visited by tourists because of its cleansing reputation, this edifice of religion is nothing but a modest temple and a well-manicured Japanese style garden to welcome its visitors.

Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum

Open to the public for a fee, visit the Hualien County Stone Sculpture Museum if your artsy alter-ego would want to sink its eyes on traditional and contemporary sculptures.


Cultural Creative Industrial Park

Located on Zhonghua Road, this park is a vast space in showcasing Hualien’s talent for culture and the arts.


The whole park had been dotted with stores selling local products, cafe shops for you to wear out the whole day’s travel stresses and numerous pieces of art are present for purchase and pure entertainment.

Qixingtan Beach

With Hualien just adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, Qixingtan also known as Chihsingtan Beach is those rare types of beaches wherein fine black pebbles replace sand, which is soothing to the feet.

Soak up the sun and be enchanted by Hualien’s take on the beach life.


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