Within Nooks of Bodrum City

Within Nooks of Bodrum City

Embrace the extravagance and refinement found in the graceful city of Bodrum with its gentle grandeur found on its beaches, clubs and fancy hotels.

Not only does the place translates magnificence, but it also exudes serenity and peacefulness that still fit for those who are seeking for sweet escape in an exquisite kind of way.


Bodrum, formerly called Halicarnassus, is in the southwest of Aegan Turkey. This city is 557 square kilometers in size and houses one of the Seven Wonders of the World.



Bodrum does have a Mediterranean climate. July is the hottest month while January is called to be the month where the city is at its coldest.

Summers are hot and humid while winters are mild and mostly sunny.


There are three airports in which Bodrum can be reached. These are Bodrum-Milas, Dalman and Izmir. The city can also be reached through seas via Kos and Rhodes ferry boats.


Bus is another means of transportation. Intercity buses operate within some of Turkey’s key cities like of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana etc.


Castle of St. Peter

Founded in 1402 by Knights of John, this tourist spot is composed of five towers English, German, Italian, French and Snake.

With dimensions of 590 x 606 feet, this wonderful architecture also serves today as one of famous places where events and gatherings are being held.



Bodrum peninsula is gifted with beaches and blue waters. Aside from the aqua blue seas, cruises and boat rides are other attractions on the coasts of this city.

There is enough amount of beach resorts found in this area and anyone who loves the sun will never go short of options in this haven where seaside is in rich supply.


Myndus Gate

This 7-kilometer long wall has been the scene of one of the bloodiest battles during the time of Alexander the Great.

This historical site has been restored to preserve the heritage of this ancient historical spot.


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