Influence of Reading on Education

Influence of Reading on Education

It would be an exaggeration if we want to talk about the importance of education for the well-being of the individual, society and nation. There is no denial of the fact that education builds character that leads to enlightenment and all in all it makes us complete as a man, as a nation and as a whole mankind. Yes, we learn from our surroundings and from our experience but as our mind is revolving by nature it’s the reading process that influences our education; probably the most.

Reading is one of the very few activities that has the capability to stimulate the receiving predispositions of our mind. It is very much effective compared to watching television. Reading has so much influence on our learning or education due to the different nature of reading among people. Many people read it twice; many people read loudly, many people recite the passage again after being exposed to similar incidents in real life in an attempt to better grasp the inherent meaning. Reading calls for focus, concentration as well as interest which in turn can cultivate these predispositions in a student’s mind.


In the process the students’ mind becomes very much receptive to all what they encounter; be it academic learning or practical learning. A strong positive correlation has already been established between reading and academic success. That means a student who is a good reader is more likely to do well in academic career. Reading practice even for pleasure can make a student does well at school compared to his social or economic background. It is the reading habit that instigates better education throughout the life of a person.

For adults it’s the school-like reading that really counts for improving the educational skills. For them access to text seems vital in order to create a reading friendly ambience. Good readers can easily comprehend ideas and can detect implications of a written content.

It is easy for good readers to extract the ideas that are needed for the completion of the particular task they are involved in and off-course in a prompt manner. So if you want to become successful in your academic education as an adult or as a kid you must develop reading practice within yourself. Here are some tips how you can hone your reading practice at any age:

  • Establish a connection between reading improvement and reading practice.
  • Take a regular trip to library.
  • Join book fair whenever there is a chance.
  • Sacrificing 10-15 minutes of time daily for reading purpose outside the classroom.
  • Include ‘book-talks’ even in your informal or casual conversations with friends.

Md Asif Rahman


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