Take the Beach Life in Coff’s Harbour

Take the Beach Life in Coffs Harbour

Beach and the kind of life that it offers always has been one’s indulgent dream. The swaying leaves of tall coconut trees, the waters splashing on the shore, the gritty sand as it crunches below your feet and the euphoric aura that is being exuded just by the mere sight of the sun setting on the horizon — all of these, a part of the beach life picture.


Retirees and other vacationers who have set out of the country always look for something that is connected to the blue aquatic diorama of an island and one name that’s coming to mind is a small town in Australia called Coff’s Harbor.


Specifically and suitably located on Australia’s coastal tips, Coff’s Harbour is a small town in New South Wales and is on its northern edge.

Sydney and Brisbane are at about 540 kilometers and 390 kilometers respectively.


Coff’s is also surrounded by small towns such as Bellingen, Coramba, Nana Glen, Corind, Dorrigo, Karangi, Sawtell, Woolgoogla and the Nambucca Valley Region.

Coff’s Harbour is said to have almost 71,000 as recorded in 2012.


According to the Koppen Climate Classification, all of Coff’s Harbour is under the humid subtropical class which equates to more sunny days and clear skies.

Suitably, the beach is always touched by the rays of the sun since the town receives an estimated 122 days of sunlight. Winters, on the other hand, is not as strong as its nearby cities and is usually damp.


If getting along public transportation, you have a lot of choices for bus systems like Busways, Sawtell Coaches, Beaumonts, Newcombe and Ryan’s Bus Services.

All of the aforementioned runs within the veins of the city and have regular stops at Coff’s Harbour and inner city points.


For train systems, the town is being catered by the services of NSW Trainlink Railway Services and has a specific stop at the town’s main terminal.

For air travel, Qantas, Tiger Airways and Virgin Australia will be your top bets for safe and sound travel.

The main entry and exit point would be at Coffs Harbour Airport, which offers domestic, interstate and international flights.

What to See

Big Banana

For outdoor and indoor recreation, put Big Banana on your checklist for activities like ice skating, mini golf, toboggan rides, plantation tours and be immersed in validating that the ‘Big Banana Experience’ is worth all your efforts, not money, as admission to this park is free.


Diggers Beach

Just a turn off away from Big Banana, surfers and exhilaration addicts would find Diggers Beach the best for the sport as it promised surf-suitable tides on the range of 1 meter to 1.5 meters depending on the weather once you’re there.


Coff’s Harbour Regional Museum

Experience the vintage nautical world through visiting artifacts harnessed from Coff’s Harbour locals which depicted the sea life.


Jetty Beach

In contrast to Diggers Beach, Jetty is for those who want a tranquil beach visit.

Famous for the jetty found in this place, travelers would also have the capability of satisfying their stomachs as numerous restaurants dot the immediate vicinity.

Coffd Harbour Jetty Senic beach. Photo: Trevor Veale / The Coffs Coast Advocate

Solitary Islands Aquarium

Originally under the wing and supervision of Southern Cross University, Solitary Islands Aquarium is open for public visit on weekends and is home to an impressive number of marine animals and corals.


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