Why You Should Add Raw Beef to Your Diet

Why You Should Add Raw Beef to Your DietHigh quality cuts of 1000% grass-fed, organic raw beef can be an exceptionally healthy addition to your diet. Many people worry about the risk of bacteria from uncooked meat, but when top quality raw beef is used and basic food hygiene rules are followed, the risk of bacterial infection from eating raw beef is actually quite low, and the health benefits of top quality raw beef are numerous.

Raw beef is a natural source of protein, iron, B vitamins, zinc and many other vitamins. Protein is a very important component of a healthy diet, and if your diet lacks protein is affects almost all organs negatively and decreases the strength of your immune system, making you more likely to get sick. Beef also contains the same heart-healthy fat that is the source of olive oil’s many health benefits, and a fatty acid found in beef may naturally reduce your risk of cancerous tumors while helping to decrease fat and increase lean muscle mass.


If you’re interested in adding the health benefits and delicious taste of raw beef to your diet, there are many flavorful and well-known recipes to try. Steak Tartare is a famously decadent dish made with minced raw beef served with onions, capers and sometimes a raw egg.

Carne Cruda is a lesser known but just as tasty Italian recipe which marinates raw beef in lemon, truffle and anchovy for a taste that is complex and flavorful. Beef Laab mixes raw beef with ground toasted rice and herbs, and is a perfect summer treat when served in a lettuce leaf wrap. Lastly, the classic dish Beef Carpaccio is an excellent appetizer comprised for thinly sliced raw beef with fresh arugula and an olive oil vinaigrette.

Keep these ideas in mind next time you’re in the meat section at your local market. Why not try a top cut of raw beef and see what it can do?

Chloe Lauter


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