Fulfill and Recreate in Burnie

Fulfill and Recreate in Burnie

When a city is thriving hard to rebuild and reinvent, all things pleasant are expected to be seen. From the tangible developments such as road widening, numerous buildings being perched here and there, environment being taken care of and preserved, people busy as bees thinking about how they would be able to make their lives and the place that they reside in a bit better — these are some of the scenarios you would encounter when you visited a place slowly getting up from its ashes.


Had never been a top destination in Tasmania, Australia, Burnie is now being known inch by inch, as the suburb’s City of Makers because of their ceaseless attempts to revamp their lives and the reputation of their beloved place. Be enlightened and witness the changes being carried-out every day, all for the benefit of jolting their city into its deep slumber.


Burnie is situated in the suburb of Tasmania. It is surrounded by famous and humongous cities like Devonport (47 kilometers away), Launceston (134 kilometers away), Queenstown (296 kilometers away) and Hobart.

With 20,000 residents, Burnie is a melting pot of shopping centers; fine dine restaurants, innocuous cafes and endless interesting galleries. Burnie is considered to be Tasmania’s most western city.



Due to its proximity and its situation as a port, Burnie is under the oceanic climate type with cooler winters and not so strong heat during summers.

From May to October, Burnie residents experience rain showers and cool temperatures. January to March is considered the hottest months with a maximum temperature of 25-degrees Celsius.


If traveling by air, the main entry point would be the Burnie Airport, which is just a good 20-minute drive from the town’s center. Commerce and trade happen in Burnie Port, which is one of the biggest general cargo ports in the whole of Tasmania.


Several cargo vessels and shipments are being delivered here every day to keep the business going. Expansions to keep the port open for travelers are still In the works and expected completion is by 2018.

Traveling by bus would not be an issue as you can easily ride and alight from the main bus system, Metro Tasmania. The buses would definitely transport you into any point of Burnie. Coaches are also available for longer stretches of transfer.

What to See

Maker’s Workshop

Located at the western tip of Burnie’s beaches, this museum slash art display slashes creative center is said to be a must-visit as locals and the whole of Burnie’s creative juices are being showcased here.


Hellyers Road Distillery

If you want to be drunk on broad daylight and yet be well informed how whisky is being made in Burnie, then a short-trip to this place would do you good.

One of Tasmania’s well-reputed liquor maker, Hellyers would definitely give you a glimpse of the technicalities in whiskey making.


Burnie Park

Be in touch with your outdoors alter-ego and plant your buns into the city’s main park.

Home to one of the oldest edifices in Burnie which is the Burnie Inn; entertain yourself into witnessing day to day activities of Burnie residents, the huge and well-manicured lawn and sports lovers running all over the adjacent sports oval.


Burnie Regional Museum

Travel back in time and see how Burnie was in the year 1900s.

Fill your craving for a real-life diorama of old Burnie through artifacts involving blacksmith, washhouse, bootmakers and stagecoach depots.


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