Lucerne, From Alley Walks and Captivating Nooks

Lucerne From Alley Walks and Captivating NooksApplaud the beauty of Lucerne’s in its marvelous architecture, historic sited and rich culture merged with the beauty of Mother Nature in the form of astounding lake and boasting sight of mountains.


The city covers about 29.04 square kilometer land that houses about 80,000 human population.

Majority of the land is used for agriculture while the other remaining is rendered for infrastructures and nature.



Travelers will best enjoy the city between the months of June, July and August since these offer a nice average temperature.

Rainy season is between May till September while warm weather can be experienced during July. January is said to be the coolest month while February is the driest month.


Since the city is located in the heartland of the country, getting here is easy. Popular way of transportation will be via train through Swiss Federal Railway.


Trains can come from locations like Zurich, Olten and Berne. Boat ride is also a way to access this beautiful place as it sits at the north end of Switzerland’s busiest waterways.


Chapel Bridge

Locally known as Kapellbrucke. This 670 feet long bridge built in 1933 is the oldest covered bridge in whole Europe.


Artworks can be found inside the bridge that depicts the history and events that occurred in Lucerne.

More than a tourist attraction, the said bridge became part of the city’s past as it had been a prison and torture chamber during the early days.

Church of St. Leodegar

This historic church was founded in 8th century but some parts were eaten by fire during the 1630’s.

Old architecture personified, the church was made of wood and stones that are staple materials being used n infrastructure during the old age.


Glacier Garden

A park and museum can be found on this tourist attraction. Glacial pothole that’s 9.5m deep from the last ice age can also be found in this place.


Lake Lucerne

Be enchanted with Switzerland’s 4th largest lake. Tourists can enjoy the scenic view of blue waters and beautiful mountains by taking a cruise which is the most suggested activity to get the breathtaking view of nature residing in the place.


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