Having postural syndrome tells you are doing things wrong

Having postural syndrome tells you are doing things wrong

In a world where everything is just a tap, click or swipe away, constant moving becomes unnecessary and performing tasks can be accomplished in one sitting. This kind of advancement in technology is something the new generation is thankful for. The need for moving around was significantly reduced and the time needed to perform tasks was diminished by substantial amount.

While technology is something that we need to be grateful for, there are disadvantages that go hand in hand with its luxury. An example would be the postural stress brought about by prolonged sitting. Postural Syndrome happens when there are episodes of back pain, usually in the lower region, and that ideal sitting and standing postures are not being met. Being in the same position for a long period of time brings stress and tension to joints, muscles and tendons, resulting in feeling tired and fatigue.

Slouching, been idle for a long time and sitting in a hunched position are the usual reasons for postural stress. Ergonomics is there for a reason and not following its guidelines can result to straining the head, neck, shoulders and back that leads to postural pain or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

a woman sitting at a desk and has pain in the back. symbol photo for proper posture at work in the office.

One of the easiest ways to combat the pain is by having regular massage. Massage softens stiffness and awakens weak muscles. Stretching and changing positions will also be helpful from time to time while maintaining the back’s relaxed perpendicular stance. Ancient medicine in the form of acupuncture also claims to effectively diminish muscle stress. It is always best to prevent the presence of illness before it can actually set in. The key here is to keep moving. Do necessary stretching in between workloads to shake the stiffness away. Make sure to exercise and engage in physical activities to promote flexibility and strength.

It is inevitable, especially for desk workers, to avoid getting up from their chairs. While this is the case, one should observe a proper sitting position to avoiding postural stress. Opt for chairs that are designed with a backrest. The buttocks should reach the back of your chair and your body weight should be distributed equally to both hips. Observe that both feet should lie flatly on the ground.

They say sitting can kill you. This can be a dreadful phrase but observing the correct stance will make sitting not as bad.

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