Understanding the hazards of third hand smoke

Understanding the hazards of third hand smoke

The negative effects of smoking have been established long enough. Efforts of concerned groups and governing bodies are all over the place to disseminate knowledge about its risks and damaging outcomes that even cost the lives of many. Lighting one stick can go a long way when it comes to ruining the health of both the person who does the smoking and the people around him.

The concept of first hand and second hand smoking has been well defined. However, newer studies have determined that smoking has more lingering effects even after the act of smoking is finished. This alarming discovery tells us that smoking is worse than what we already know. Recent findings tell us that just because you are not around the area when a cigar was lit don’t save you from its worst result, health wise. What made it even more alarming is the effect it can bring especially to infants and kids.

Third hand smoking means that harmful contents from tobacco residue penetrates into walls, furniture and other surfaces where indoor smoking occurs. It can also pertain to tiny debris mixed with hair, clothes and skin. Studies say that these harmful compounds stay and can transcend for numbers of decades.


And this happens even if there hasn’t been smoking that transpired in the enclosed area for a long period of time. An experiment was conducted where six sticks were lit and eighteen hours later, they found that around 58 chemicals were measured. These particles are disastrous and can cause sorts of cancer and lung diseases. These air borne compounds can even bring allergies, eye irritation and even asthma.

What’s even more serious is the fact that these chemicals won’t go away easily even in the presence of constant cleaning and disinfecting. There are some substances that are resistant; no amount of cleaning aid can diminish their existence in just one wipe. Since this is the case, experts advise to continue the habit of thorough cleaning while observing good ventilation and natural light passage. Consider sunlight as your free cleaning agent due to its ability to kill bacteria.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If a person cannot stop smoking all at once, try protecting loved ones and other people around by resisting the urge to light a cigarette in enclosed spaces like cars and rooms.

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