Drive When You’re Sober and Live Happily Ever After

Drive When Youre Sober and Live Happily Ever AfterBeing on the road is such a daunting task that should be done accordingly, due to the sheer fact that it is a matter of life and death. Driving has been a fear that many failed to overcome, and while it might look clumsy, those who have seen the horrific face of accidents might even consider it lucky. Accidents are called as such due to the fact that it is rather unintentional, unplanned and unfavorable, or so we think.

We have seen vehicular accidents in the news almost every day and we just pass it off as if it is a normal occurrence. Sadly, more and more lives have been untimely ended due to these episodes of sudden tragedies, and as much as we don’t want it to happen, it does and it is a general fact.

One of the most common reasons for car accidents is due to intoxication while driving, which is a very lethal combination as proven by statistics and factual evidence. Below are some of the hidden truths that we need to know and maybe, just maybe, reiteration can make everyone understand, thereby minimizing the risk of car accidents in the future.


In the United States alone, a surprising amount of 30 people die in car accidents attributed to intoxicated drivers on a daily basis—that’s one life ended every 48 minutes. The stats have also shown that these car crashes cost the country a whopping $51 billion annually, making it another fine blow to United States’ economic standing.

Not only the driver is at risk, but all the passengers he or she has, raising the numbers higher even if the fault is with the intoxicated person behind the steering wheel. Sadly, reports have also shown that out of all the listed cases of fatalities due to car crashes, some involve innocent children aged of 14 and below.


In a more detailed approach, a person weighing 180 pounds can get intoxicated immediately after ingesting a beverage with .08 percent alcohol content, which is equivalent to three beers. The aforementioned blood-alcohol percentage is actually above acceptable values and can cause short-term memory loss, lack of focus and concentration, absent-minded disregard of speed limits and impaired perception.

Thankfully, some nations’ governments have raised the bar for fines and penalties on the unfortunate event that a law enforcer catches someone driving while under the influence. For example, the United States has four levels of sanctions when you get arrested for DUI, which include prison time, monetary fines, suspension of license, rehabilitation via the DUI program and can even deprive someone from driving ever again.

When a person wants to control something, he or she can, and it is just a matter of knowing what to do, areas for discipline and how to go about doing it religiously. Simple logic; if you’re out for a night of ultimate alcohol drinking and you’re tasked to drive for everyone on your way home, refrain from drinking any amount and any type of liquor.

If the odds won’t let you do it, at the very least consume as little as possible. You know yourself and you know when you’re all too dizzy to get up, so don’t push your luck by volunteering to drive. Just face the music and honestly confess to your incapacity.

If you really need to get back home, better hail a cab and entrust your life to a skilled and sober driver who drives for a living. When blacked-out, better stay at your friend’s house just for the night until proper rest detoxifies the booze.

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