The Colossal Tokyo Skytree Tower

The Colossal Tokyo Skytree Tower


The Skytree tower in Tokyo is a colossal symbol of the Japanese capital, aside from the fact that it is also the tallest communication tower in the world. With a titanic height of more than 2,000 feet, Skytree is one of the world renowned tourist spots in Tokyo, a city that is at present full of other remarkable sites.


This projecting structure was initially built as a television communications tower in May 2012. Skytree was planned to represent the customary Japanese structural design, predominantly the bowl-shaped Sori curves and arched Mukuri curves as prevalent in most of Japan’s primeval temples and edifices.


The Skytree tower has two observation decks. The first level is the Tembo Deck, and is situated approximately 350 meters above the ground. This observation deck has 5 meter high panels that showcase a full 360 degree sight of Tokyo and the entirety of Kanto region as well.


The second deck is Tembo Galleria which is 100 meters above the Tembo Deck, and just an elevator ride away. Known to be the highest skywalk in the world, this deck is a sloping spiral ramps which encircles the tower.

The SoraKara Point is the highest reachable point of the tower with a height of about 451 meters. Aside from the observation decks, Skytree is a profit-making center jam-packed with stalls of all sorts for their visitors. Skytree Tower is the foundation for Tokyo Skytree Town.


It encompasses the commercial area called Tokyo Solamachi which is home to a multitude of shops and restaurants, and also has its very own planetarium and aquarium.


This iconic tower is located in the Oshiage, Sumida-ku neighborhood of Tokyo and is certainly reachable via the metropolis’ wide-ranging train system. The observation decks are open to visitors from 8:00AM – 10:00PM on a daily basis. There are several admission fees obtainable for purchase, comprising same-day permits for the Tembo Deck and Galleria. Tickets to the first observation deck can typically be acquired on the 4th floor and once you get to the Tembo Deck, tickets are available at the second observation level.

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