Hear These Parallel Universe Stories and Be Freaked Out

Hear These Parallel Universe Stories and Be Freaked OutWe get to hear stories that focus on the absurd and inexplicable almost every day of our lives in general. There are topics that tackle the paranormal, life outside Earth, folklore and myth, unicorns and magical creatures and all the things that tickles our curious minds.

We must admit that we are downright fans of ideas from another dimension, not because we’re tired of our own reality, but because it is quite unnerving to feel that unknown entities roam outside and within this planet.

Over the years, even if the illustrious field of science present us with established and well-researched explanations, we still can’t let go of the itch for validating everything that we know of.

Like a dangling pendulum, we go back and forth into making our minds believe that all of the things within our grasp can be explained based on fact.

But the stories below would definitely let your make-believe bubble burst, and the accounts relayed by these people will tap your consciousness and might flip your brain switches to form plausible ideas of parallel universes.

One of the most vivid stories recounted about traveling to a different universe is that of Pedro Oliva Ramirez. It was in November 1986 when Ramirez decided to drive from Seville, Spain to a small town called Alcala de Guadaira, when suddenly he realized that he’s driving on a different road, despite his knowledge of the path he should take.

The unfamiliar road stretched to six lanes instead of the original two, with terrains that he saw for the first time. While still on the pedal, he then felt a course of hot air blowing towards him, together with voices letting him know that he’s transported to an alternate dimension.

Just like a normal day, other cars drove past him, all colored white or beige, definitely outdated and had rectangular license plates.


The Beatles is undeniably one of the best bands who have entertained the planet and was able to garner the biggest fan base ever recorded. However, the illustrious band broke up despite their tumult success, and John Lennon and George Harrison both passed away making the band eternally incomplete.

But a story narrated by a man known as James Richards wanted to prove everyone wrong as he said he experienced traveling to an alternate reality where the Fab Four continuously hit marks as a well-revered band.

Richards retold the story of him being warped to a different world after tripping on a rabbit hole in September 2009, to a place where he was sure he didn’t belong. Here, he was able to met a man named Jonas, who explained to him that the Beatles never really parted, and is still producing music as if it were a fact.

James Richards even furnished a cassette tape of The Beatles From The Alternate Universe’s album entitled ‘Everyday Chemistry’ from his trip down a parallel universe portal.

Located on the Andes Mountains in Lima, Peru lies a mysterious place called the Markawasi Stone Forest, which is said to contain a dimensional door, that can transport us into a different universe.

Through it’s eerily-shaped facade of stone formations, the Markawasi Forest was said to have infected one of Dr. Raul Rios Centeno’s patients, where half of the patient’s motor skills have ceased to function.

The said patient had mentioned that the disease started when they have camped out in the Markawasi Stone Forest, where she saw a cabin-like dwelling in the middle of the forest and forced herself to peek inside through the door.

However, one of her camp-mates yanked her from proceeding, leaving half of her body completely and equally paralyzed. Many have deduced that Centeno’s patient might have been split between the current and alternate realities upon entering the 17th century house.

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