Get Enthralled at Telegraph Hill, California

Get Enthralled at Telegraph Hill California

When you contemplate on palaces or castles, such places as London, Sterling, and Windsor suggest itself.

But one might not anticipate that San Francisco, California should also be well thought-out. Julius Castle on striking Telegraph Hill is an abstruse secret, a gem concealed at the end of an isolated San Franciscan lane.


Telegraph Hill is a locality in San Francisco, California. It is one of San Francisco’s original Seven Hills, and one of its infamous 44 hills. So-called for a gesticulate telegraph that formerly stood on its peak, Telegraph Hill served as a refuge for unfortunate settlers, wealthy investors and inspired artists.

Its flight of stairs pass through some of the city’s most amiable landscape, but if you’d desire to avoid the ascent up the 284-foot hill, you can take a cab or bus straight to Coit Tower and initiate the trip from there.


The city is situated in a network of over 40 hills, measuring altitudes of nearly 1,000 feet and this every so often grounds for wide disparities in hotness and sky conditions in diverse areas.

The Pacific breeze retains the temperatures usually moderate, infrequently reaching beyond 75 degrees or below 45 degrees, marking San Francisco as the air-conditioned city. The climate is very comparable to coastal regions on the Mediterranean.


This fortress was never used to guard a city. No monarchy ever reigned from a throne in this castle. Nevertheless, a banquet fit for monarchs is primed every night inside this modern citadel. Staring out on the sea from the Golden Gate to the Bay Bridge and yonder, Julius Castle offers one of the most remarkable sights in the city while having a royal dinner.


Built to bear a resemblance to a castle using Redwood trees and maples, Julius Castle dates back to the early 1920’s. An Italian settler Julius Roz projected a castle on the hill, and his dream became actuality come 1922.

If you have relished too much of the regal food and wine in the interior of the castle, you might want to try some after-dinner bustle by either attempting to go further up Coit Tower, or downhill via the Filbert Stairs.

Set at the topmost of the hill, Coit Tower overlooks the urban both from its base, and all the more marvelously from the tip of its turret.


The tower, which was put up in 1933 and with funds bequeathed by Little Hitchcook Coit, provides more than just the picturesque sights outside.

Murals or wall paintings embellish the inside of the stronghold illustrating scenes during the great depression of California and other historic events.

If ascending the hills of San Francisco has hastily mislaid its allure, then wandering in the contrasting path down the Filbert Stairs may be a better option. These stairways run down to Sansome Street, right off of the renowned Embarcadero trailing side to side unspoiled gardens and fine-looking homes.


As you wander at the scenic spots on your 377 steps expedition downhill, make certain and appreciate that you are undertaking the only way of getting at the 19th century cottages you pass by, as there is no other access to the road.

As you depart to travel around these other exhilarating fascinations, revel in the thought that you just feasted at a world-class palace, right in the heart of contemporary California.

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