Visiting the Quaint Narragansett of Rhode Island

Visiting the Quaint Narragansett of Rhode IslandNarragansett is a humble city in Rhode Island. The Island is not as popular as other US destinations like New York or Las Vegas, but this spot is known for its beaches and summer recreation.


Narragansett is a settlement in Washington County, Rhode Island, USA. The town is informally branded as Gansett. The urban of Narragansett subjugates a slender strip of territory from the eastern tier of the Pettaquamscutt River to the coast of Narragansett Bay. In 1888, it was disjointed from South Kingstown, and promulgated as a town in 1901.


Narragansett catches 49 inches of rain in a year but typically, there are 207 sunny days per year in this island. Its hottest is around 81 degrees in July, while coldest is in January which measures down to 19 degrees.



Amtrak service is available to get you to Providence, Kingston and Westerly, Rhode Island, from other cities all over the Northeast Corridor. Another means of transportation is a seasonal 30 minute hi-speed ferry which leaves from Point Judith and reaches the town center of Old Harbor, Block Island.


Point Judith Lighthouse

This lighthouse was constructed in the early 1800s, so you just have an inkling that there’s a lot of history around it. Vacationers love this amazing lighthouse. You can just sit back and relax at an unobtrusive spot while you wonder at the lighthouse and take in the cool breeze and sounds of the ocean.

Narragansett Beach

There’s a motivation why this is very prevalent among citizens. A lot of them will tell you that this is the town’s “selling point” because this is one of the main tourist spots in the city. Yes, you don’t even have to soak in the pristine waters of this beach.


You can just simply marvel at the sand and the other distant views. It really is one of the prime spots to visit in Narragansett. Why not think through taking a surfing lesson when it’s actually one of the first things that travelers do when they visit the beach. Warm Winds is one of the most reliable surf shops in the area and their surfing lessons are always a hit.

Camp at the Fishermen’s Memorial State Park & Campground

If your impression of pleasure is camping, then this abode has you covered. This is specifically right if you’re an aficionado of RV camping. You’ll get the best sights if you’re coming with an RV, including the comfort and convenience of course.


The best time to visit the campsite is during off-seasons if you want some peace and quiet, and the month of October is a good time to visit. Also, make sure not to camp at the first spot that you see. Make sure to travel around for a lot of other ideal sites.

Visit the Fishing Village of Galilee

You will definitely not get bored watching a lot of fishing vessels in this fishing village. If you find fishing pleasurable, this is one of the best things to do in Narragansett RI that you shouldn’t miss out. If you’re fortunate, your stay may even concur with the largest tuna derby in the world.


There are a lot of exciting and reasonably priced activities to do in Narragansett. And these are proof that you don’t have to break a piggy bank just to have a vacation worth remembering.

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