Everyone Would Definitely Remember This UFO Sightings Short List

Everyone Would Definitely Remember This UFO Sightings Short List

It has never escaped the human brain that there is life outside the planet Earth. Since the olden times, people have come to love the idea of knowing other entities that might be circling in the dark, vast universe.

Scientific probes, countless hear says and debunked hoaxes have puzzled the whole populace if what lies in places we haven’t been into yet. There have been millions of stories published, televised and scrutinized about some fortunate ones who have testified that yes, aliens and other extraterrestrial beings are well in fact true.


We can never shake the fact that some of the stories are quite believable and this thin thread of mystery has led us into being more curious and more inquisitive.

UFO sightings have always been included in the long list of unexplainable stuff that even science can contradict or comprehend. Below are some of the world-renowned narratives of UFO sighting that still up to now knows no explication.


Everyone would definitely nod in agreement that the Roswell UFO phenomenon should top this list. It was in 1947 when a group of UFO enthusiasts and hunters have claimed that they have finally captured a photo that will testify to their strong belief.

It has been quite controversial due to the fact that the US Military have got its frisky hands on the scene and soon contradicted that the ones seen in Roswell are actually aircrafts flown for surveillance.

Kenneth Arnold has also been the meat of newspapers all over the world when he confidently have endowed the human race a story of him seeing nine flying saucers circling nonchalantly in Washington’s infamous Mount Rainier.

Thanks to Arnold’s creativity in describing what he had experienced, the term ‘flying saucer’ have then been coined is still in use up to this date. The Arnold case has pretty much supported the Roswell phenomenon as this has happened in the same year, 1947.


Driving across the silent town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, husband and wife, Barney and Betty Hill have told that they’ve been kidnapped by a flying saucer trailing by. The accounts divulged by this couple have been accurate and solid as some reporters can recall, and the stories included intense physical examination, 3D star maps lying about inside the UFO craft and the slightly similar descriptions that the Hills have sketched for everyone to see.

What made this story memorable is that when both Barney and Betty have been interviewed under hypnosis, they are still retelling the whole scene as how they have when they are sane during former interviews.


One mass story that has circulated the television is the Levelland UFO Case in 1957 wherein a group of drivers have recounted that their vehicles stopped and stalled as one egg-shaped object flew around town.

Surprisingly enough, every vehicle that’s passed on by this supposed UFO has gotten their engine working almost immediately. However, after an intensive police probe and investigation, this mystery has been explained by an electrical storm that coursed through the city, which caused the vehicle failures and the aforementioned sighting.

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