The Cons of MASS TOURISMMass tourism is the term used for a destination which has large amounts of visitors/tourists at one time. There are two categories of traveler in the world – the first one is the independent travel planner who likes to do things alone while the second one is the happy-go-lucky type who prefers that the whole travel arrangement be done for them.

Tactlessly, the second type is the root cause of all kinds of complications. Travel agencies offering wide arrays of tour packages are very rampant these days, and while there is no doubt that a package deal a have strong appeal to the general public, this also leads to mass tourism.

Huge numbers of people plunging on a few specific places on the globe unsurprisingly wear down, if we are not cautious. Mass tourism can be a massive stress on local natural wealth and resources such as landscapes.

The local people in mass tourism destinations are often forlornly ignored and at times sternly negatively impacted by the utter numbers and demands placed on them and the natural resources of their place.

Evidently, there is a massive economic advantage as we all know, tourism is big business. But if you give regard about the dwellers of the place you are visiting, then you should take into consideration an eco-option, wherein one takes into account the welfare of locals and makes unbiased and sustainable business.


In addition to this, why should you put up with multitudes? Why sit on an overcrowded beach like a cookie in a jar or push your way through busy throngs in a hotel or mall?

Are you one of those few who return to the same mass tourism locations for a package holiday year after year because of cheap cost and convenience? It is unhealthy to be wedged in a groove so perhaps it is time to consider doing something a little different, something you haven’t tried or gone to before.

I believe that mass tourism is a sign that many people are stuck in a collective pothole. We need to cultivate the idea of mindful travel and start to envision an enhanced alternative.

It will first and foremost entail hosts to wake up and see their world in a different way – not as a source to be ill-used, but as a revered abode to be protected and renowned for its exceptionality.

It is also imperative they initiate to view their patrons not as sheer components of consumption, but as guests in quest of being transformed and mended.

Our cognizant substitute is about a trifling volume, overcrowding, stress, obliteration and damage, and about stressing more significance, tenacity, worth, harmony and self-actualization. In short, not more but better.

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