Organizing your child’s room is as easy as ABC

Organizing your childs room is as easy as ABC

The time will come and you would need to separate your little kids from sleeping on the same bed as you and your husband doze off. While they’ll still be living under the same roof, of course, having your child sleep alone is a thing that we fear and is most excited about at the same time. Aside from the fact that your child will now exercise a sense of independence at an early age, this is also one opportunity for you as a parent to bond with your kid in styling and decorating their future rooms, or should we dub it as kingdoms, in the most creative and quirky ways possible.

Since this is going to be your kid’s room for at least a decade, you must ensure that the room’s location fits as he/she grows old. Make sure that the fixtures inside the room are adjustable, and the space is just the right size for a growing human being. As much as possible, let your kid occupy the nearest room to yours, or to an older sibling so as when the thunder-stricken moment scared your kid again, a quick dash would be possible to carryout.

Be playful with the theme that you would want to use in your child’s bedroom. Always ask for his/her wants so that the turnout would be pegged for what he/she visualizes it to be. Stimulate your child’s imagination by picking the best of colors, the calming ones if you may, and always stick to what you both planned at the beginning. Remember that this would be their room and not yours so keep your motherly or fatherly guidelines at bay and let them drive the wheel. Encourage creativity by means of infusing elements of fantasy and let their imagination fly. Wall motifs focusing on cartoon characters, kids’ literature and the like will be a good start.


If you picked a calm and serene wall color, be intelligent enough to splash color of the furniture that would be placed inside. Get contrasts at its highest peak. Let the upholsteries are known when the walling is in deep blue and always be fancy in putting small rugs (anti-slip tip), comfortable and huge bean bags as chairs and low-floored beds for your child’s safety.

Keeping the kids in touch with nature is also a discipline that you want to inculcate so putting plants inside the room would not be a sin. Citronella plants won’t just make the room mosquito-free; the plant’s innate smell would be effervescent inside the room, inducing visions of nature and outdoors. You might want to also let your kid treat the plant as some sort of project by caring for the plant’s growth.

Don’t ever overcrowd the room by putting huge shelves of books that are just built for style or hundreds of photo frames scattered on the bedside table. Keep the space in the middle of the room for role-plays and possible play dates. Adorn the room with light colored curtains to imbibe a sense of freshness and relaxation at the same time. If you’re having two kids sharing one room, settle for bunk beds instead of twins.

Being organized would also be another value that you want your child to learn so teach them how to even when decorating their rooms. Set toy cabinets at bay and show them how to arrange the toys in a cramped yet organized manner. Put labels on boxes and show them what the contents are and must be. Pinpoint where a thing should be placed and be a vigilant to keep track if your child is obeying it or not.

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