How to sit properly in front a Computer

How to sit properly in front a ComputerNowadays, people’s work consists of sitting for long hours in front of the computer that gives them body aches like a stiff neck, tight shoulders, or much worst chronic back pain. The co-author of “7 Things Your Doctor Forgot To Tell You” and a chiropractic assistant, Andi Lew shared some tips and advice not just for desktop users, but for all to share the information that a few minutes of making simple ergonomic changes to your work environment and posture can help you improve and minimize the aches your feeling.

The keyboard should be the position just about your lap, in this way you can make sure that when you type your arms are just relax and close to your body. And also the elbows should just bend at 90 degrees and just at your wrists level.

This is one of the most important tip, the position of the monitor. This should be just directly in front of the user where the computer screen should not be too low or high, and just should be at the eye level of the user to maintain the natural curve of the neck. And also make sure to relax your eyes by taking a 20 second break for every 20 minutes and just relax your eyes and look 20 feet away from the screen.


Most of us does not notice that we grip the mouse too hard, just try to use it with a light grip this will cause a lesser tension. And when moving the mouse make sure to move your arm from the elbow rather than the wrist so you can move is smoothly without any pressure.

While in using the telephone, you have to make sure to support the telephone against your ear, and alternate ears frequently every time you answer a call. Also, never put the phone in between of your ear and shoulder because this can hurt your neck.

Last but not the least makes sure to sit upright, with your bottom against the back of the chair. For extra support and comfort the user can get a towel and roll it up and place it against the arch of the back. And the chair’s height should be adjusted so that your knees are bent perfectly, with your feet touching the floor.

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