Be cooler as you age and do ballroom dancing for better health

Be cooler as you age and do ballroom dancing for better healthBallroom dancing is a kind of social encounter through structured and graceful moves from different variations this form of physical motion is required of its participants. Unlike the earlier years where this dance is being rampantly practiced in Latin countries, progression through the early times made it an avenue not only for socialization, but for health betterment especially for elderlies who are hooked on this type of dance.

Increasing numbers of grandparents are getting into ballroom dancing. Not only it provides improved social ties, but experts also link this activity for stronger physique. In an age where bones are usually brittle and equilibrium isn’t that good, ballroom dancing is an activity that can improve an elderly’s health. Studies show that ballroom dancing has a tendency of enhancing dwindling balance for the oldies.


“To be able to see the elderly dancing and spinning with autonomy, balance and a cognitive awareness of their space and body helped us understand ways to join useful exercise with a pleasant activity,” says Eliane Gomes da Silva Borges of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro state in Rio de Janeiro. “We have to realize that the practice of physical activity is beneficial because it strengthens the musculoskeletal system and professionals (in nursing homes) can and must help,” she even added.

Ballroom dancing improves muscle and resilience as well as motor skills. This activity is also being linked by experts to be responsible for the decreased probability of diseases in which older generation are prone.

This dance also brings positive effects on grandparents’ mental health. It is said that being engaged in repeated movements and habitual practicing of steps can lower the possibility of dementia, heart failure and Parkinson’s disease.

This activity also serves as a platform to increase memory, stabilize mood and increased positive outlook. Never again would your grandparents be grumpy and emotional because dancing is another way or producing endorphins that’s responsible for the people to feel happy and elated.

Aira Algado


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