The wonders of keeping a journal

The wonders of keeping a journal

Keeping a journal is not obsolete. Looking through our computer or smartphones, the memos of grocery lists, accountability, to-do lists, and other things along those lines are have taken enough storage in our devices.

They are necessary to keep track of things and almost mechanical. While those are beneficial, it is not the only wonders keeping a journal entails.

A portal to creativity

Journals are our own personal closet to Narnia, our secret rabbit hole to wonderland and our very own King’s Cross Station platform nine and three-quarters. These blank pages, one can create a fantasy world, build a castle, and ride on a unicorn.

No one knows and no one will judge, thus it becomes a bubble with no boundaries except what you say would be. From simple words, and full-blown stories to little doodles and collage, your creativity can be set free here. It helps you develop what you love until you are ready to share it to the world.

Stress releaser

When you can’t release the scream building up in your throat, your journal will come in handy. No one will hear you shout and lose it releasing the stress and the frustrations in a non-destructive way.


It will also help you calm down through focusing on the task at hand where every stroke of the pen brings a moment of clarity and the tranquility of a simple act of writing will slowly lower your stress; thus, improving your well-being.

A dear friend

There are moments where life throws you curve balls better kept quiet about, yet proves to be hard when you have it weighing down on your shoulders.

A journal is a convenient friend you can turn to who will never tell those moments wrapped up in police warning tapes.

Keeps the goal clear

Even when we know what we want, one better way to keep being motivated is the constant reminder of your goals and the lists of your achievement, which brings you steps closer to your dream.

When you are striked with moments of doubts, don’t forget to take a look at your success to keep the positive feeling.


Any ideas, inspiring you suddenly or any dreams popping up suddenly, don’t forget to keep a journal beside you in order to commit them into paper before the idea slipped away.

Whether you think they are brilliant or not, keep them on paper as they will come handy in the future, especially when you’re running out of creative juices.

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