Quench thy thirst with electrolytes

Quench thy thirst with electrolytesIt is not unusual for us to see people every day that looked tired and all haggard on our bus ride home. They are the ones who stagger out of their seat and inch by inch slowly losing their way to consciousness because of the physical and mental stress of working or studying or whatever type of activity it might be.

Humans are now known to constantly push their body limits to its brim, and we cannot deny the fact exerting more effort means more work done. True enough, those who are so pre-occupied within the whole duration of the day are the same people who don’t have the luxury to even replenish themselves of a cold glass of water.

The incessant demands of this kind of lifestyle, not only compromise your health, but also might even lose you some equally important things. And so one of the most known armor that people nowadays are using to ensure that they will not just fall into the void of sickness is through one-minute wonders for the health.

Electrolytes play an essential role in keeping the body energized and fully functioning despite the weight of activity a person would do. Normally, electrolytes are found in sports drinks, which is most known to be patronized by athletes.

Those who use physical strength in their day-to-day endeavors require a balanced meal and a constant intake of electrolytes to get the body working at its optimum level. Electrolytes are mainly comprised of sodium, calcium, hydrogen phosphate, carbonate and magnesium chloride.


These vitamins and nutrients are deemed to very beneficial to our bodies to reach our full potential. Aside from athletes, electrolytes are also vital to people who are pregnant, those who have strenuous physical activity as a daily routine and laborers in general.

Electrolytes in sports drinks might not be a quick replacement to the wonders that water intake can do, but this is an effective way of quenching your thirst and giving the necessary things the body requires.

People, being the creative lot, now have ways and means in creating electrolyte drinks just at the comfort of their very homes. Crafting your own electrolyte drink would not only save you money but you’d be surprised to know that the ingredients are just within your reach.

Aside from cost-cutting, doing your own electrolyte drinks would make you feel secure because you would know what you can put in and what you can omit. And the best part of all is that you don’t need to stay within the confinement of store-bought sports drinks because you can follow whatever your taste palate desires.

The options are limitless and you’d be delighted to realize that being healthy can never be this convenient and fun. The main composition that you’d want to consider before concocting your power electrolyte drink is the presence of cold water and salt.

You can mix in some of your favorite fruits for added nutrients such as lemon, lime, honey, cranberry, orange, coconut water, strawberries and natural sugars. Experimentation would be observed at best when you’re on the move in doing this healthy action and feel free to share this with your loved ones, too.

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