Believe in the wondrous effects of guava and guava leaves

Believe in the wondrous effects of guava and guava leaves

We all have known guava as a fruit that’s being heralded as one great source of Vitamin C and some other minerals. Normally being grown in Asian countries, guava has a respectable list of medicinal and health benefits due to its rich content of compounds such as Vitamin A, fiber, potassium and lycopene.

But little did we know that aside from the fruit bore from the guava tree; one wonder that can be harnessed from it is the powers of guava leaves. Truthfully, guava leaves are as astoundingly beneficial as the fruit and below are some of the things you’d be shocked to know about how these leaves, normally overlooked, can aid you in ways unimaginable.

One thing that you must know beforehand is that the guava leaves are not to be eaten directly. Experts have suggested that guava leaves should be sterilized in boiling water and the resulting mix must be the one that a person should intake.

If this plan won’t work, there have been readily available tablets and capsules of guava leaves which have undergone scientific laboratory tests and manufactured with high-quality standards. Some health companies put in guava leaves concentrate, in powder form, on their supplements and dietary products.

One thing that guava leaves can definitely help you out at is by losing weight. The leaves have the capacities of stopping carbohydrates from being turned into sugars. This very act would then minimize unnecessary food cravings and sugars not piling up on your body would be a good kick start in dieting, or even lower down the body’s glucose levels.


Lycopene is known to be an important component of guava and guava leaves. If so, the leaves and the fruit can easily be of aid in fighting off cancers due to the antioxidant content via lycopene. Though not strongly backed-up by a known scientific research, the sheer presence of lycopene is known to combat breast, oral and prostate cancers.

If you have a very upset stomach, or any funny feeling happening on your abdomen, seek the wonder of guava leaves to flush it all out. The strong anti-bacterial properties would create a fresh slate for your digestion and even result to better absorption of food in the long run.

Guava leaves can also be used in healing colds since it triggers the body with substances to block mucous production and slow down the spread of microbial activities which is one of the normal reasons of colds and flu.

Other benefits that you can harness from guava and guava leaves are: reduction of allergies and its side effects, soothing of skin bites, oral malfunctions and toothaches, combating acne, delaying hair loss and aging skins via skin dilapidation, eyesight improvement through the vitamin A content, diminish risks of constipation through its high-dietary fiber composition, brain health aid via the presence of vitamin B3 or Niacin, keeping your thyroid happy through copper contents and a more controlled blood pressure.

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