Toothbrush can work in mysterious ways

Toothbrush can work in mysterious waysBrushing the teeth is such an indispensable part of our daily existence that whenever we miss doing it, we felt like missing a friend or have lost an important accessory.

We do this twice or thrice a day and it will be no surprise to have seen our toothbrushes wither away like an old-aged woman.

Dentists have instructed and advised everyone to replace our toothbrush at least every two months and once a toothbrush’s life is done, it is doomed to be trash.

The cost of a single, generic toothbrush might be something that we can earn in a minute and purchasing a new one won’t even budge the budget, but if you were the resourceful type, you’d surely think twice before throwing it away.

Have you heard of recycling? Yes, well this can also apply to your trusted toothbrush. Below are some tricks and tips to lengthen the life of these teeth cleaners and before you say this would rather be unhygienic, just give it a try and read on.

As a cleaning tool, use your old toothbrush to remove unwanted spots that are hard to reach by the conventional kitchen or utility brushes.

The slim nature and head of your toothbrush is capable of scrubbing tile gaps on your kitchen, remove scum from your bathroom drain or clean the seemingly unreachable parts of your sink.


The brush has the same capabilities of a rough cleaning pad, and so it works exactly the same way. For those who have kids, use the toothbrush as a mighty tool in removing bubble gum stains off your precious little ones’ clothing and beat the struggle of doing so.

If you have quite a number of laptops and keyboards in the house, use your old toothbrush to remove the grit and crumbs that have been stuck underneath and in-between keyboard keys as if you have a miniaturized vacuum cleaner that won’t cost you a fortune.

Toothbrush can also be a gentler way to clean and disinfect your antique and expensive jewelries because it can seep on even the smallest locks and holes.

Be creative enough in introducing toothbrush’s aid on your daily kitchen dramas. For the little husk hairs of your corn cob, get a brand new toothbrush and be delighted at how these silky strands fall off with ease.

Keep your coffee maker filters free of any excess coffee grounds from getting the power of your toothbrush’s small and fine tips working. Your can opener might be an awesome kitchen tool at its best, but when used over time, this can be saturated with grime and food marks.

Soak it in soapy water and with a little swish of your toothbrush; flip it like it’s a brand new kitchen savior.

For beauty and cosmetics, toothbrushes have been an essential tool since time immemorial. Some of the few tricks that you can use toothbrushes with are de-clumping your mascara, tame your uncooperating hair ends, taming the eyebrows and styling it at the same time, can also be a quirky template for your nail art, exfoliate dry and chapped lips, be an instant nail dirt remover and can help you out in hair coloring as your reliable color applicator.

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