Once upon A-merican Time

Once upon American Time

And then there’s that so- called “American Time.” Americans are known for their value for time. That’s why it was called American Time. When you give a deadline, they will comply with it. But how important it is to be on time?

They say that punctual people are admired and respected. They gain it without asking for it. It is because people see how they value their time and other people’s time. Time is something that you can never get back.

So when, you were attended on time. It means a lot. It means that you are important. Being on time demonstrates that you are diligent and dependable. If you come on time in any appointments that you have, it means that you honor your commitments and you can be trusted.

That you respect other people’s time and you set a good example to other people too. It is said that punctual people build self –confidence, trust and success.


One of the common traits of successful people is that they view their time as a precious resource. When you are late for an appointment with a person who value their time, you will waste their valuable asset and they will also think that you are rude and does not respect them.

You might also get an impression of being irresponsible. And I believe you don’t want to brand yourself like that.

You should also make an effort to be on time for personal commitment, not just for your business- related transactions. Valuing your friend’s time will earn their respect for you. Gaining someone’s respect is an important part of your individual reputation.

Yes, there would be circumstances that may arise and it won’t be possible to be always on time. But if you know that you’ll be late, make sure to make a call as soon as possible. This will allow the other person to plan or adjust their schedule.

Always remember that there is no downside in being early, but, there is a significant downside of being late.

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