Less fat, less worries

Less fat less worriesFats, a product of meat and poultry and any other food related to meats, caused a greater percentage of deaths due to heart attacks and cardiac failures. Many institutions keep on finding a way on how to prevent this life-taking the substance.

They release many information about heart attacks and failures and how it can be prevented. They teach the method of measuring fat intake through the Recommended Daily intake index wherein the daily intake of every age bracket is listed along with every measure of food and its equivalent and total weight (milligrams) of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, calories and fats.

By looking at this table, you would realize that a serving of a double-quarter-pound-cheesy-overload-jaw-breaker burger has fats equivalent to three days of the recommended intake. Too bad for the heart and yourself.

Many companies (technological, industrial, and pharmaceutical) do help in this case through their products. The non-stick pans and casseroles help you cook using less oil than usual. The air fryers which gives you a lot of joy and fries with less fat.


Food companies brag their low-fat-low –calorie products. Pills that help burn fats faster are said to be available in the market along with food products containing low or no fat.

Nutritionist and dieticians says that instead of depending on those products and drugs, a diet of fish, fruits and vegetables would help in reducing the risk of heart attacks and failure due to too much fat.

For a day’s energy, don’t rely too much on meat for fats, instead, choose protein-rich meal. Consult a doctor and have a heart check-up for better adjustments of meals and activities.

Have a regular exercise. Walking or jogging would simply have it done for you. It does not only burn fat, but exercises your heart and lungs as well.

The best remedy for such a thing is discipline. Always remember that “one is enough, two is too much” and that too much makes things worse, but with discipline, you’ll have less worries.

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