Gastronomic Adventures at Italy

Gastronomic Adventures at ItalyWhen people travel, whether for work, business or leisure it is hard not to taste and have a bite of their local cuisine. Each and every country would have their own signature dish and taste. Their food is a reflection of who they are and their rich cultural pass as well as traditions. The food becomes part of a country’s identity.

When we ask people which would be their favorite cuisine some would answer Thai, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Mexican, Spanish, and even English food to be the best. According to an article by CNN Travel entitled “Which Country has the Best Food?” the best food would be from Italy.


According to a fan of Italian dishes, “Italy has been a foundation on which the worlds cuisine has been built, it has also been adopted by countless cultures across the globe. With rich aromas, robust flavours and a knack for utilizing everything in cooking Italy comes to the forefront in the world of cuisine.”

For years, Italian chefs have improved and perfected their cuisine like no other. They have mastered the perfect blend of sauces, art of desserts, and texture of pastries. Their dishes are not complicated, but still exquisite. Truly, Italian dishes are perfect comfort foods.

Let us get started on a gastronomic adventure on different must try dishes of Italy.

Wine is the perfect partner of any Italian food. Do not be surprised when you see tourists and locals drinking wine while having lunch since that is very common. As a matter of fact Italy is one of the largest wine producing countries in the world. Aside from supplying their own wine, they export it different parts of the world.


The most famous Italian bread would be piadina or piada. This is a traditional flatbread made from flour, lard or olive oil, salt, and water. It had been a staple Italian food. Other breads include michetta, pane sciocco, rosetta, and taralli.



Wine plus bread plus cheese equals the perfect relaxing afternoon. Whip these three foods together for a friend or even for yourself and for sure you will enjoy yourself.

italy-food04One could never go wrong with pizzas. There are different variations of pizzas throughout the country. It could be as simple as mozzarella and tomato called pizza margherita. It could also have toppings like rosemary and olive oil also known as a prosciutto, tomato based with oregano and garlic called a marinara pizza, or to more complicated pizzas with mushrooms, artichokes and olives called pizza capricciosa. A unique variation of pizza is the calzone which is folded pizza filled with ricotta and other ingredients.

italy-food05Pizza margherita


And how could one forget the famous Italian pastas? Their pasta comes in all shapes, sizes and colors: flat, round, elbow and bow shaped. To start it off they have ragu alla Bolognese or simply spaghetti bolognaise, carbonara, fettuccine alfredo, lasagna, ziti, ravioli, and Tagliatelle.

An added twist to their pasta is gnocchi – soft dough dumplings consisting of wheat, egg, cheese, potato, and breadcrumbs. One could always add an ingredient or two for uniqueness.


Fettuccine Alfredo topped with shrimp


Tagliatelle al ragù alla Bolognese


italy-food10Gnocchi with ricotta

Aside from pizza and pastas, Italians also serve rice. Their most famous rice dish is the risotto – rice cooked in broth until it reaches a creamy consistency. More often than not it is served first during dining. Each region it Italy has its own way of preparing and cooking the risotto.



Italian restaurants also serve fish, meat, and vegetable dishes. The most popular Italian pork dish is Ragu which is commonly turned into a thick tomato sauce. Bistecca alla Fiorentina is a native dish from Florence using cattle meat. Veal is also popular in Milan; the best veal meal would be Osso Buco. For vegetable dishes try Caponata.

Always leave room for desserts. One would drool at the site of their desserts. It is esthetically appealing and scrumptious to the eyes. The best Italian desserts are cannoli. These are pastry tubes filled with a sweet and creamy filling. Semifreddo on the other hand are Italian ice cream cakes. Another Italian dessert would be the panna cotta which means cooked cream. And of course, Italian dessert would never be complete without the famous gelato or ice cream.





Panna cotta


Without doubt, Italian dishes have captured the hearts, stomachs and taste buds of everyone. At every corner of Italy, one could taste an extraordinary dish that will make you crave for more.

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