Be better than your hangover episodes

Be better than your hangover episodesAnd so you have been drinking the night before. A little get together with friends have turned into a major ‘boozefest’ that you weren’t successful in avoiding since the spur of the moment excuse gets the best of you.

There’s no harm in occasionally drinking, but you know you have crossed the border last night and all have been coming back to you the morning you wake up in the form of a hangover. You cannot blame anyone but yourself.

So you sluggishly welcomed the day, with your eyes bloodshot and sort of feeling dizzy and nauseous at the same time. It seemed that your head is split open, your brains come sloshing out and you feel like banging it on the nearest concrete.

The world spins beneath your feet and it’s like you’re dead drunk again, but in reality, the remaining power of alcohol is careening still on your bloodstream, waiting to be flushed out.

But work says 8AM and you need all your might to get-up straight and start the day as if you’re feeling nothing unusual. The next question is how. Below are some tips to successfully combat the quirky effects of over the top beer binging and its hangover accompaniment.

One of the most effective ways to keep the hangover at minimal is to drink as much water as you can once the blow hits. Because of alcohol’s diuretic nature, people who drink it will have the side effect of peeing more than normal and in the end be the cause of dehydration.


If you’re in for a night of debauchery again, try to have a balance between one glass of water to a pint of beer. If you’re feeling a little bit more scientific with electrolyte replacement, grab a bottle of your trusted sports drink and let it do its wonders on your fazed-out bodily system.

Coffee and crackers can be a lethal combination to trump out the remnants of alcohol in your body the morning after. Coffee, like its usual purpose, would definitely aid you in being jolted back to reality and wake your whole body up.

If you choose to gulp down on this magic potion, still be prepared with your glass of cold water as caffeine is said to contribute to further dehydration. Crackers, on the other hand, are said to bring back your digestive system working the way it should be because of its carb content.

Carbohydrate intake would also help you out in putting your blood sugar levels back to its normal settings.

If you’re one of the many who wanted to seek the power of medicine and drugs, keep the selection of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to cure your irritating hangover episodes. Be keen on picking just the likes of aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen as these types won’t do anything harmful to your body.

Get the nutrients on the level it should be by taking-in your daily multivitamins. Exercise will be the best possible way to aid you in combating hangover. Sweating it out through your usual lifts and routines on the treadmill would definitely strike a chord on your bodily systems that it is the time to work normally again.

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