Safety 101: Say No to House Burglary

Safety 101 Say No to House BurglarySafety is always felt when one is at home, or should we say otherwise? Your home is where you’re most comfortable at, your privacy is at its best and you getting to rest here after a long and tiring day at work.

But yearly, cases of burglaries have been reported all around the globe, from well-planned ones to the most unintentional. While your houses tried to give you the best protection ever, it is still not exempted when felons overtake the situation.

No matter how expensive or meager the construction of your house is, when a burglar wants to get in, he/she would find all tricks and ways to make it happen. Surely, you’ll not stay awake all the time when you’re at home and so the level of security drops down when you sleep, or when you go out.

Below are some of the things that you’d want to bear in mind to lessen, if not fully prevent, risks of being burglarized.

Einbrecher dringt in ein Haus ein.

There are four components for you to maintain a burglar-free and secure home—surveillance, lighting, home activity and physical security. Investing some effort and fortune in ensuring that you and your home is safe surely shouldn’t be an issue if you want to live a trauma-free life. It is always deemed important to get your home all prepped up in the unfortunate event of a burglar attack for your own benefit.

Technological advancements have helped the human race in exploring and reaching things that are deemed impossible before. Now that we have CCTV cameras and hidden camcorders available at your nearest tech store, take advantage and do purchase one for your home.

Discreetly install the said devices in areas not visible to the naked eye for you to be able to see and document every strange movement or action inside and out of your house. Get the kinds that will give you 1080p high definition video quality, night vision capabilities, weather and waterproof and those with smart and real-time monitoring.

The hidden cameras installed inside your premises would help you in identifying if other people outside your family are not straying with doing what they’re supposed to.

Lighting is another way of securing your abode as this would denote activity, even if there’s no one inside the house for a specific moment. If you have a huge outdoor perimeter, adorn the lot with lights that are sensor sensitive.

These lights sticking out of your lawn at night would not only provide you a clearer pathway, thus, it gives a signal to everyone outside of your house that there’s someone inside operating it.

It gives you the one thing that burglars are most afraid of—sense of occupancy. Having your interior lights turned on strategically within the house would also do the same trick as outdoor lighting.

Physical security involves your alarm system and all its complexities. Before installing one, make sure that you know how to effectively operate it for the purpose it originally have. If you have windows, ensure that all of them are locked and fully closed.

Cutoff those branches that are near your windows so that there’s no chance a burglar can step in and use your windows as the entryway. Screen doors are also highly advised to give you an added protection.

Petting dogs would not only make you closer to them, but they will help you in getting burglars away from your premise. The keen and distinct trait of these canines to deter burglaries has been deemed effective all over the years.

When out of town, get a neighbor to pick your mail and newspaper so as to make it appear that you’re at home doing the chore every morning. If you have tall grasses surrounding the perimeter, better get that shaved off and manicure your lawn well and this would exude a sense of home identity, which burglars usually avoid.

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