Blisters, how to deal

Blisters how to dealBlisters usually occur on the feet area. Not many may notice it, but blisters can take place in every part of the body. These tiny bumps can be painful and bring discomfort. This is a natural way of sending a message that there’s a part of the body that’s injured. Soothe the discomfort by having remedies that are within the reach and resides with you in the comfort of your own abode.

There are many factors why blisters pop out. The most usual cause, especially if it happens at the foot area is an ill-fitting shoes. Avoid wearing a footwear that’s not in the correct size. Not only your feet will thank you for it, but it will also give a room for each foot to breath and move freely inside that good looking shoe. Friction is another factor why blisters occur. Repeated acts can irritate the skin and can result in the appearance of blisters. Sunburn and allergic reaction can also be pointed as the main culprit for having these bumps. These conditions have usually been accompanied by burst and blood blisters. Be careful in dealing with these types because of the broken skin. Having an open skin invites the attendance of bacteria that might make the skin condition even worse.

blistersBlisters are considered common and most do not need the seeking of medical help. It does not require medical treatment but first aid can be administered to alleviate the agony and pain. However, it is still best to be equipped with the basic know how of curing and taking care of the body part that has this discomforting fluid-filled sac.

Cushion it. Cover the affected area with a bandage or band aid. This will protect the skin against further friction and air exposure (for burst and blood blisters) that might trigger infection.

Do not pop. Popping the fluid inside the bubble might promote infection, especially on the first days after blisters popped out of the skin. Try not removing the annoying fluid inside the sac. Wait for the skin to heal itself. Usual time frame for blisters to get better is between 7-10 days. Some experts believe though that removing the fluid after several days will better the condition of the skin. If this is the case, make sure to use a sterilized needle and secure clean hands before piercing the bubble on the skin. Press gently until all fluid is drained. Put soothing ointment afterwards and safeguard the affected area with a bandage.

Go natural. Go natural. Aloe Vera gel has soothing effects. Its anti-inflammatory property deals well with relieving the swelling and redness. Dabbing an apple cider vinegar can also be an option. Its antibacterial properties fights bacteria on the surface of the skin that can trigger an infection. Get that diaper rash cream and pat it on your blisters because it also has antibacterial content in a milder form. Other nature wonders that can be used in treating blisters would be used tea bags and tea tree oil. These are also rich in contents that fight bacteria that will not trigger irritation of the skin.

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