Be acquainted with the fragrance families

Be acquainted with the fragrance familiesA person who smells good definitely becomes more attractive, real talk. The importance of a single bottle is immeasurable, especially in the aspect of one’s image. We cannot deny the fact that someone who smells fine creates a better image than those who don’t.

It is also a form of self-expression in a nonverbal but roaring away. Its significance is found even during the earlier days. Evan the infamous Cleopatra knows how being fragrant can bring a long way.

It must not be known to many, but one of her signature scents would be blue lotus. This is what she dabs on her ears to achieve a sweet, watery floral scent. A real beauty goddess indeed, even she knows the importance of putting the perfume on pulse points.

The basic foundation of a getting deeper knowledge when it comes to fragrance is knowing the basic families that segments each scent from one another.

Floral is the most popular amongst other fragrance families. This mostly caters to women. From the word itself, the scent gives the aroma of flowers. It may be composed of just one or combination of sorts. This usually conveys femininity and romanticism.

Oriental is bordering between masculine and feminine scents. This is mainly composed of spices like vanilla, amber, sandalwood and musk. This scent is usually being the choice during night time and for formal occasions.

Fragrance-FamiliesFougere means fern. This gives a stronger scent and is usually the common choice for men. The name is derived from Fougere Royals and is usually composed of fresh herbs, oak and moss. Citrus family on the other hand gives a fresher and invigorating vibe.

This scent is more likely to be found on colognes and evaporates quickly from the skin, unlike the aroma being given by other fragrance groups. Cyprus or Çhypre’ is a combination of citrus and woody notes.

This type is a bit confusing and takes a trained sense of smelling to be distinguished. This is the kind of in between scent that can be worn by both men and women.

Next time, purchasing a perfume will not be as hard by being knowledgeable with the basic composition that sets each scent apart. Happy shopping!

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